So... how are you all doing today?

As I’m sitting here looking at all the shit happening in the world in the past 24 hours alone…

  • All the crazy terrorist acts (Paris, Canada, and the US today)
  • The US and Spain political turmoil
  • Crazy hurricanes decimating multiple places
  • Earthquakes in Mexico
  • Musicians and celebrities killing themselves recently (Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington) and now Tom Petty has died (unknown reasons)

Just makes me think out loud about the world we live in, and what we’re doing here as a community and the IM game. It’s like a vacuum of digital existence, sometimes completely separated from the real world. Things “out there” are getting more fucked up by the day.

Sure, it’s always been crazy throughout history, but not in the same ways… society is always inventing more ways for you to just stand back and shout WHAT?!

Anyhow, with all the shit going on, how are you all doing? How’s life treating you?

Wish we could all take a time-freezing pill and fix this broken society we’re living in, but in reality, it’s only going to get worse before anything changes. The negative pessimist in me expects it to never improve, but I’m still hopeful that it will.


imo it’s not the times, but the media. Now that we have internet and every little shitstorm irl means likes and cash on the internet )


True, but you’ve gotta admit there’s some crazy shit going on, even if the media likes to blow it all out of proportion.


media lies, media is cover up, media tv music etc are a tool for hypnotize the masses
they tryd to kill the mases but it didnt finshed well for them, so they moved to the pplan b
Hypnotize the masses
the shit is even more crazier, demons angels and shit like that
unseen and known power hands everywhere, hornes control far, eyes everywhere


What kind of magic dust have you been smoking? :laughing: Is there a chronic cloud floating over Israel right now?

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I like this kind of thread, so thank you for that. And yes, you are right, we all have the impression that the world is kinda f***** up currently.
But @mindeswx has indicated, maybe we all have just a wrong impression.

Look at the former times:

  • I think during the 15th-19th century, there was a lot of war, e.g. between France and Germany. A guy from a small town in France got the order from his king to go to Bavaria to kill someone that he has never met before. Insane.
  • The Moghul in India forced his people to build a very expensive tomb: the well known TAJ MAHAL. Many people had to die to build it. Many people had hardly something to eat, but the Moghul foreced them to pay taxes. Many died, many, many, many - same with the construction of the Egyptian pyramids .
  • Or look at North and South America. Why are nowadays so many white and black people? Because the white man thought he has the right to conquer the land. To kill all the natives there. And to catch “black people” in Africa and to abuse them as slaves. Yes, neither white people nor black people are actually “natural” in North or South America.

I have recently read that (even though or impression might be totally different), the chance being killed during a terror attack has decreased within the last 20 years…

There is a lot going on currently, and many people are suffering all around the world, yes. But most in Europe and in the U.S.A. have a good life. And if some of us have the chance to change the live of some poor ones (people, animals or plants), then yes, we are capable to make a good contribution to the world :earth_africa:

Yes, that’s all accurate, but you would think as we evolve as a society that we’d learn to better ourselves, and resolve these sort of ingrained human flaws, with our civilized ways of life. But it feels like we’re going backwards right now.


Why do you think so? I mean, yeah, there are some conflicts in the world and we dont know what will happen next (USA - North Korea? Or what will happen next in Iraq? Or…)
But also there a lot of people who are trying to improve our world. Nobody of us can rescue the world, unfortunately. But everyone of us can rescue at least some people (this is what I wanna do :slight_smile: ). And some of us may have also the chance to make really a change in the world.
There was a man from Portugal (name: João de Deus, also known as John of God). He decided about 500 years ago to take care of people with mental or physical disabilities. Because at that time, most people with such disabilities didnt receive any help. And what John did, this impressed others and they followed him. Now, all over the world there are buildings for people with those disabilites. Not only in Portugal, but also in Germany, Austria. And even in India.
I just looked on Wikipedia, look where John’s organisation is active now - its astonishing:

This is what one man has started :flushed:!

So, what I wanna say is:

  • there are a lot of things in the world that are not good.
  • But some things have improved compared to former times (e.g. the human rights in many countries).
  • If we get depressed by some of the current events, it might be okay for a while. Just to be more careful with the people around us.
  • But we should always find the power (if the circumstances allows it) to go on. And if possible, let’s do a change to the world. Because, yes, we can do it: even for our old neighbour who has problems to go out for buying food. Or maybe we can do more. One man can change the world - as John of God has done it :v:


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How are you today, @Ian? :slight_smile:


Just got a fever and body aches last night, randomly sick, some kid coughed in my face at the supermarket a few days ago because she was carrying him around the produce section at eye level. Probably what fucked me over, damn kids. DAMN IT ALL TO HELL.

I’m doing just fine


Reason #256 I won’t have kids. They are just breathing germ factories.


My immune system is so bad, whenever I ride the subway here in NYC I get sick, winters are the worst. I really need to figure out a fix, but don’t think there is one beyond not being alive.

Sure kids are bad, they crawl around and what not, but I think you somehow build a tolerance up to them, I’d hope. Then again parents are always sick with young kids.


i am doing pretty well thanks. lots of crazy fires in NorCal too. hope everyone is ok there and we can get through this crazy October.

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The summary of world news you posted makes me think of the TV Series Black Mirror.
My thought is that stuff always went on in the world, but there was no way of making it go global like we have now.

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I’ve had better days.