So how do I make money from instagram?

How to make money from instagram? Any tips guys?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You should try searching, both here on the forum - and Google.


Some people make money with selling accounts! Which ones do you have ?

In order to make money, either

  1. you must have lots of followers, where some infamous people can pay you per post for a shout out
  2. you have lots of followers and brands are hiring you and paying you because you are posting a review about their product
  3. affiliate marketing: link the site with “Instagram Feed” where the people can purchase through clicking in your feed on Instagram.
  4. affiliate marketing: you promote the link in the post caption, which people can’t click, but at least they can type in their about blank or google page manually (unless they have Instagram uploaded in their PC) and go through that link and purchase that product.
  5. I also heard about a hashtag which is linked to the page and will take you directly into the page where you can purchase a product, but I never was able to figure out how? So if you have the answer please answer below step by step procedure.

I hope my answers were helpful to you, if you like it, visit my page I love photography, fashion and I did so far few makeup tutorials. Please have a look and let me read your comments. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask. I will do my best to answer as clearly as I can.

Best of luck and great success to you all in whatever you are specialized in. Don’t forget, focus on what you are good at and don’t get too destructed on learning things which consumes your time, and you end up wasting your time. Focus, Focus and Focus on one way. That’s the only way to grow in this competitive world today online and offline.


Try posting pictures of your ass,that seems to work for some people.


I follow some fitness accounts. Amazing views sometimes.


interact with people…
find a common problem…
solve it with a product/service…
offer it on your page
see how ppl react
sell it.


Because most of money making method and journey is for lvl 2 user, many newcomers will ask the same question. Try to search in blackhatworld forum, for other people journey.

The only course i suggest is gramous / influxsocial.
PS: not affiliated btw.

  1. Growing and selling Accounts - 10k up followers you can sell them some are below 10k followers and still they can sell it if and only if the buyer is interested with the name/brand of the account/s and of course with good engagement.
    In my experience i sold 2 aged accounts for $400 with only 400+ followers each account.

  2. CPA - ogads, cpaleads and more…

  3. Affiliate Marketing - Clickbank, amazon, JVzoo and more

…and more

I am nothing but also started my journey on Instagram and already made money from it…

Best of luck OP.



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Do you have these guides ? Maybe you can help some forum members with them ? :wink:

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It is cheap only, and you can enjoy their forum too. But many information already available in this forum. So, what else? Just do it. (Nike)

If you have a big following you can sell promotion packages to your followers…
Also other companies might see your following and offer to send you products and pay you to post them

Thanks, that really helps.


Sell something similar to your photos/account.

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There are lot of methods mentioned in this forum and BHW. Find one which suits your interest and follow it with your twist. Make a profit.

If you have a nature account you could sell trees and mountains.