Social Media Management Fees

Hi MP kings and queens. Just wondering what you charge to manage traffic for business accounts. I have seen one company that charges 60 USD pm for twitter Pinterest and Instagram.

I have interested people but no idea what is a fair price for them and me :heart::butterfly::blue_heart:

Try to find other companys that are doing the same by using Google.

Some to start with:

Thank you that was really helpful!!

I think it really depends n what services you are providing. If you are just growing their account its much different than creating original content, researching hashtags and interacting with consumers. I have a few clients I charge $200 a month and a few clients I charge over $1000. Depends on their budget, their need and how you present yourself/services.

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How do you exactly do this, I have just my personal accounts and I find them difficult to manage. I have know idea why my twitter followers have been dropping like crazy recently. On twitter if I go even a tiny bit aggressive I get kicked off when I change the password I lose 500 followers each time.

On Instagram if I go aggressive I get kicked off then I have to change the password and log back in to all the accounts which is both time consuming and annoying.

If I had to do this for a number of accounts I’d go crazy. The other thing is without being aggressive growth is really slow.

I thought accounts will have exponential growth as follower numbers increase but that doesn’t seem to be the case either.

I’ve been asked to grow a few people accounts but these things concern me. I would like offer social media growth as service but I’m not that confident because of all the things I’ve mentioned above.


Then i would advice not to start this service until you are full of confidence about yourself! You will get in trouble if you mess up with other peoples accounts.


Hi Adam,

Remember social media management is not only growing someones account. In a business setting its about managing a companies brand and reputation. Sales and lead generation are all part of that. I have a background in business consulting so I have a few value adds that gives me a bit of a competitive advantage. I find out where a company can improve and use social media (along with other tools) to help them realize that change.


I suppose you’re right, I took on a client recently for £200 and doing everything for them setting up accounts, research, original content creation, I’ve found it’s helped me increase in confidence and I’m a lot more effectively and getting better result than my personal accounts because I feel accountable

This would have helped in your other thread or three threads or more that you’ve created. If you are doing content creation etc then 200 a month is not enough. Your their SMM and making squat. It’s good to get your foot in the door, and create a portfolio of your work. (I made X account $2,000 a month in revenue through my social outreach program etc)

Then you can go from there. There is more to being an SMM than just growing followers on IG though…

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