lifetime special

Here is another great app in my arsenal that’s on lifetime special right now (I have squat to do with this company or product).

If you don’t know it check it out. You’ll see what the deal is.

You can get it here for the lifetime special

PS: Analytics for Instagram Business Profiles is coming very soon (on their roadmap) to this product. :gift:



It seems to me that this has already been shared here.
If I’m mistaken!
I’m sorry, please.

It’s quite alright brazukas Johnny is usually quick on the draw!

This is about that product.

It is on special right now for $39 one payment for lifetime instead of $59 a month.

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Thanks for sharing this deal. I just bought it. Let’s see how it works for me

Do this for unlimited account?

Here is the details on this offer (I don’t have anything to do with this site or product I just use it)

  • They mention in their short term roadmap that they are adding Instagram business analytics.

Something tells me they could use a little help from one of us: :grin:


How good is this?
Give me real review mudah fukah


Since you asked nicely…I like this tool because it is the ‘dumb shit’ detector for Facebook.

(This is my opinion I have nothing to do with this product)

If you’re the competition…

I like the ‘sneaky-sneaky’. I like to look up-da-skirt and see da goodz. I wanna peep thru the window. See your notes. Get inside your head and thought process. Look at all your mistakes and learn from them. Not to mess with anyones shit. Just to learn.

Fuck making my own mistakes…thank you very much.:crown:

I wanna know what’s in the fucking box!

I dig this tool because it gives you all of that for FB right now. Well not all of it. You don’t get emails so it’s not great for making custom audiences. You’d have to go thru the process of getting the FB ID’s of your targets.

BUT it’s great for seeing dumb shit (smart shit) your competition has done.

And…it’s even better (my kind of shit) to see how the ‘fans/customers’ of a page/biz are reacting:

Find out why people are :frowning: from some dumb shit they did. Watch the posts. See what works. See what doesn’t. Really dig in and see why they reacted. Whats the demographic etc…

If you’re bringing on a client you can go back in time back in time through all the dumb shit they’ve done and make yourself look like Rainman at the blackjack table with your insight.

Find all those :rage: customers and target them. I mean look at all these angry fuckers.

Post histories. All kinds of data on shit. This is my kind of tool for this purpose. Too much fun stuff with it.

And next up is IG. :shaved_ice:

Here’s a post they put up about some ideas for the tool

I’m not a master of it. It’s a tool I use for a purpose and then I say ‘oh shit I can do that too.’ So if you wanna grab it grab it while you can. Appsumo is the shit. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee on anything you get no questions asked.

You’re lucky I’m already 4 :beer:'s in.



It’s a shame they don’t have anything for IG, but I guess that’s coming… but only for business accounts, which is still pretty limiting :disappointed:

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