[Solution] A Fix To Our Most Recent Issues

Hi Guys,

Right now we are seeing huge backlash from the changes to the blocks we are recieving and towards the end of last month they reduced a little and I strongly believe this is due to these changes effecting real issues.

Across FB groups and influencer discussion boards I have seen people who use no automation recieving these blocks.

I have tested over 10 accounts with this method and the blocks were gone within three days and I can follow up to 600 people per day.

You have to report the problem to Instagram and they will review it - also think about it the more REAL users this effects the less heavy they can be with these blocks.

The fastest way to do it is as follows:


Is this regarding the temp EB blocks or the API action blocks? Thanks bro for sharing!

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hey are you talking about the 7 day blocks? you got the blocks lifted in 3 days after doing this? also following 600 per day is too much i guess!

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API Blocks and I have not tested embedded browser because I do not need it anymore

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So you’re saying you go through that process with every one of the accounts you’re running and afterwards you have not experienced the same temp action blocks on api? Do you run client accounts?


After 3 days it’s gone on 70% of the accounts and my aged 1Y plus accounts I can follow up to 600 a day.

It works right now for sure.


So, you basically complained that you aren’t able to follow and unfollow in mass because of the constant temporary restrictions placed on the account? And they obliged? Haha holy shit. How long after you made the complaint did you notice the change? Same proxies, same everything?


4G Proxies and the restrictions gone after around 3 days


Yeh I have 3 accounts about 7 months old I can follow up to 400 so far. Haven’t tried more yet. Its so strange


I’ve been trying for weeks to not get blocked and have only just figured out how to make 180 follows a day without issues. But would love to follow 600 a day! If I report an issue and they don’t see any recent blocks then it might not work? I thought the new limit was 6000 a month anyway…


Yeah 6000 a month if they detect something up with the API - if you do it manually from your phone it’s much higher


Interesting, thanks for the tip. Can you report a problem through the EB or does it have to be through the app?

I tried manual. It didn’t work for me. I need to keep logs, hence automation. So you need to be blocked on a mobile for this to work?

So, what do you write on the report? How long after you submit do you turn on automation?

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The important question is, how many days have you been following 600+/day?

Have you consistently exceeded the 6000/mo limit, and if so, by how much?


Yes what did you write?

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Yes please explain. Seems to
Good to be true.

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Yes the limit is passed but as I said it’s only 7/10 accounts that the blocks get lifted on and I only used aged accounts to go 6k a month

thanks for your share,what do you write on the report?