[Solution] A Fix To Our Most Recent Issues


I can not say that because then everybody will use the same report.


You don’t have to copy and paste, but you can give us the subject to focus on.
As you said, there’s TONS of people except us that are real IG users who report…

Also, How many times you report a problem for each account? only once?


I wish I could get to 180! A lot of my accounts I get the temp block again after 5 follows :roll_eyes:


I’m noticing my follows not being registeren on some accounts in EB. Sits on 0 yet no block, logged in and enough sources. The majority is doing fine. Anyone?


I stopped using EB because thats what got me 7 day blocks on 7 different proxy providers. The second i stopped hiding from instagram, set my ID with exact information of my smartphone and run a proxy through my phone, no more blocks, no more bans, running everything on API flawlessly. Instagram has changed, unless you’re as good as the whole IG IT department, id say stop trying to hide and trick IG. You simply cannot. The algorhythm is too smart to oursmart it. So the best way and I’ve tried about 15 proxy providers and its all the same crap, set a proxy on your phone and make instagram think youre running the process through your mobile device. Growing a clientsaccount from a device in Thailand with an old samsung while the other lives in Hong Kong with an Iphone is not the way to OUTSMART IG. You have to do it in plain sight. So far 7 days and no blocks on API


Thanks to share this but I think you need to use high quality proxies and accounts to get unblock


I have no major issues with EB. I’m only talking about J not registering follows even though it seems to just perform the action

Also not growing clients accounts, more like 260+ slaves



I have about 50 accounts all running on their own proxy in UK. I’m also based in UK.

Am I doing this right to how you explained?

Thank you


Nice idea,

But @IG6 did you try to follow 600 per day more than 10 days in a row ?

Last week, doing this manually, i’ve been block on my phone from IG after following 300 per day on 3 accounts from my phone.

It means IG noticed i was doing 900 follows per day, on a 8 days duration, and blocked me because 900 x 8 =6400 follows for 8 days.

And i was only following 300 per day per account. So i think there is a limit even for IG app on phones with real API, in a few weeks i will figure it out more precisely :slight_smile:


I run accounts who follow up to 900 per day without problem, it’s depend of your accounts aged and how you used your accounts before


900 follows per day, for more than 30 days in a row ?

Good to know !


Yes but I do it since few years with this accounts, you can’t do it if you have just started to follow


I was doing 1000 follows on this account, he s 3 years old, it might be related of the "speed " of doing actions maybe


bro can you tell me what settings are you using for just api? and are you doing follow/like/story views?

even i was wondering about the same as someone on the forum said they’re not getting blocks via phone but it would be better if we have some concrete evidence


EDIT : my blocks got lifted after 24 hours, meaning it was a block from doing actions too fast, and not “too much”, probably.

Otherwise the account would have been blocked for 22 more days, because i only did 8 days of follow, and before NO follows at all for months.


oh so that does mean that you can do more follows from phone in a 30 day span! We have to test this out


all my accounts are more than 3 years old i will test it in 10 accounts and let you know.
Thanks for sharing


when i try to submit i got this error

There was an error submitting your bug report. Please try again later.


its very interesting but i think you get your block in a few days
i think you can follow so many only for a few days

if you can picture the amount of following for 30 so we can see your total follow for 30 days
its very interesting to see it

and tnx for the info
if it’s really work its a big breakthrough !!!


I have been working on trying this lol. Do you need a rooted android to use your phone as a proxy?