[Solution] A Fix To Our Most Recent Issues


Theres an app to download for that :slight_smile:


For me also…


Device ID changes are working for every one. Just try them. I have tested countless times and proxies aren’t the problem in the most of the cases…


Yes thanks it is true this helps but in the long run is unhealthy for account.


I dont know where it could effect long term to the account. Normal people tend to change their device once per year. There is numerous faulty logins happening also.


I’m pretty sure that the problem is not with J but its the IG algorhythm is blocking you. This time its just playing with you. Next thing would be a 1 hour or 7 day block. Working on EB leaves a footprint and will only make things worse in the long run.Your API user agent has to look exactly as your mobile device’s one. WHen i did that, instagram stopped sending me “you’ve logged in through an unrecognised device” message. This is pretty much shouting off rooftops “hey im using jarvee”. Gotta make it genuine as possible.


Yes. theres an app for that. allproxy


Im using Follow and Like on intervals but simultaneously. When those two are done, after a 2 hour break Unfollow would kick in. Something like that.


Yeah right now seems like its about doing many actions in a small time and big breaks


Nobody just sits at home on their couch like a crackhead mass liking/follow/unfollow/storyview at the same TIME. You have to mimick human behaviour as much as possible with your settings. Take into account lunch times, random breaks, etc. If im on my phone doing actions, ill be just liking and following. I would just unfollow the next day or something.


These days I’m doing several tests on proxy 4g.
I tried to have my ip address (outside JV) analyzed by sites like http://www.f.vision

Analyzing the IP masked with a proxy, you will notice that it can read the real IP address to which you are connected, through WebRTC it is able to bypass the proxy and read the real IP.
The result is that the site detects two different IP addresses, the first given by the proxy and the second IP local which is the real IP address from which we are connected.

In particular, http://www.f.vision proves to be able to find many inconsistencies even if you try to disguise your WebRTC, resulting in Fake webrtc detected.

Have any of you tried to run these tests?

Which fingerprint is really able to detect instagram via API using JV?

I did tests inside JV, with Embed browser, and JV hides a lot of fingerprint, but not all.
A lot of website can easily detect all them.

I noticed that for example JV hides a lot of information to protect the identity of the user, it is certainly a positive thing, but at the same time instagram will detect that there is a difference from an average normal user, the average user does not use proxies, it does not hide its data, it hides nothing.

You can check also in whatleaks.com, this site, when used inside JV Embed Browser, detects a difference between operating systems. JV’s fake user agent says you are using Android, but from the system it transpires that you are using windows, and everything is detected.

You can try also on privacy.net it has advanced method of fingerprinting analisys and canvas fingerprinting.
The problem starts with more in-depth analysis, as in many sites the persistent problem is that an operating system inconsistency is detected. (analyzed with whatleaks.com)
An android for user agent and and Windows for requests. (Using proxies)

Analyzing my phone without proxy and outside JV embed browser (normal condition of the average user on instagram) a perfect congruence is detected, android- android.

Inside JV if I use hotspots a difference is detected in the passive os fingerprint, because with hotspots it is windows / linux, with proxy 4g inside JV the passive os fingerprint is consistent linux / linux (as if I used the phone rightly without proxy).

Another important aspect is the geolocation, the proxy location and the browser/PC/Jarvee location needs to match.

I hope these tests can give you some food for thought and can at least partially help you find the answers you need.


It’s fixed already. Seemed like the same bug as last year. Unless you’re using 4g mobile proxies and getting the api right, you’ll hopefully be good but i’m sure you’re still detected.

For my setup mobile is not an option, too expensive, too much rotations,…

Plus, how can you have the same api useragent as your actual user? I mean i read you cant just put any useragent on the internet in there?

Also if it’s slaves, it means it never gets connected to another real device so api useragents wont matter that much.


You download this app that give you your phone info and you input it into Jarvee.
I think it really matters. This is what stopped raising flags for me. No more emails or verifications.


Do you know the name of the app that gives this information?


Please can you explain more in depth so whzt i understand is that you go to settings of your phone and complete all the info in the api about your phone so it’s more real and after it you change your proxy ip in your phone with the same proxy of the api is it true or i didn’t understand well

Also is it appliable only with client management or even in cpa , growth account… ?


Device Info HW


So you can put anything in without J providing it in the software. I mean is any info compatible with the software?


Ok perfect thanks!


Do you use the same Info for all accounts?


That was gonna be my next question haha