[Solution] A Fix To Our Most Recent Issues


But this works with just 5 accounts? No more since the app allows up to 5 accounts anyhow


You mentioned finding your phone’s device info, does jarvee support iPhone device ID info?


how do you use your phones 4G data as proxy unless you internet share to a pc running jarv?

the phone rotates ips right?


Looks like it’s imposs to have an answer to that, every time someone makes another question and no one answers to this😔


Jarvee doesn’t as it’s emulating an android device. You can use an iPhone in the EB device id section though.


I don`t think it does emulate, it sends scripts via the API or the EB, emulating android is Bluestack etc


Maybe, I always thought it was though! I might be wrong.


I’m running fine without these phone issues. Mobile proxies. 150 follow a day. No likes.


screen shot? :slight_smile:


what settings are you using?


interesting, we are running 150 likes a day no issues, do you mind working together? 150f a day and 150 likes a day to keep the clients sad face away :sweat_smile:


How many accs do you run?
Do you have your own proxies?


I also had AS spend, reported it a few times, gave almost no effect. Maybe too much people are reporting it…


Hey I just tested twice your method and it didn’t work
Sent support several times a report about the block and:

  1. The block didn’t remove only after the priod of time it told me to wait since the beginning I recieved the message.
  2. After the ban was gone, I got anothe 4 days ban so… not really work :frowning:


with all this happening in last months there isnt a “One-size-fits-all” solution

what OP suggested worked on 5 accounts of mine and didnt on 15 accounts of mine.

keep trying different stuff & good luck


@andrejo Can you explain exactly what you’re doing step by step?
And if you can explain the exact idea that you’re trying to tell in the ticket of the report… It will be very appreciated :slight_smile: