[Solution] A Fix To Our Most Recent Issues


I’m running… hm… WAS running 300+ accs.
I can confirm that problem is not in proxies…

You ask what is the problem? And I will answer you that I would like to hear the answer as well…


The problem is that the account has been flagged for possible automation and you need to get it removed by IG manually


Have you had more success with reporting the problem to Instagram? Then your block clears up?


What is the problem then in your opinion?


How can I get this done?


I already said in the top of the post - You have to report it to IG and say what is happening and that your a REAL user , It helps if you already have a AD spend.


I saw there were some other thread discussing if ads help for the trust score of the account. Can you tell us how it helped with reporting the issue? I think other people here are also interested in the correlation between running ads and the functionality of the account. Something like the amount of the money for ads spend could help. When the amount is in a profitable range in the end of the day lot of people would definitely run them if it prevents issues.


I had ad spend with one business account and it went into copromised and 7 days of hard blocks… maybe sometimes it works but not for everytime


I will keep preaching this. ‘sometimes’ but not every time hence the randomness to everything. There are no special fixes. Just a bunch of maybes for now. Can spending money on ads help clients get out of blocks? Maybe. If you have a dedicated FB account rep they can probably release a block. Sometimes.



@mrsmith yes I saw your last thread … that IG rocks with random giveaways of blocks … basiclly I(I’d like to not) agree with you … because in a few last days I’m trying to find some login to solve blocks.


So half of the stuff you read on here is Psuedoscience there is no real evidence behind half of what you read on here.


I’ve done it several times, but still getting blocks after all…


Hey! Do you know how to find out the Unique ID and the Phone ID? I only managed to find the Advertising and Device


Sadly no, I thought that’s what you figured out :smiley: It’s possible if you have a phone with custom rom. But to get that out of the normal/regular device - I’m not sure it’s that easy at all.


Isnt that what Jarvee does tho? Emulate that you are running automation from a phone?

You mean they check if the phone exists now?

Also wouldnt same device different ips be odd?


How would the app perform the actions?

Can they do that in the background somehow on android or what?


It wont be different IP since youre running it through your phone.
Jarvee emulates a phone but not YOUR phone.
The trick to bypass all the blocks is to show IG that all traffic is happening through your mobile device.
This is why I dont have any problems with blocks


So say I have a Samsung S10 running in Sweden, I Use Instagram and my account ”X” on it.

I take all the device info and put it in Jarv, the program Will emulate my phone, but its still connected to a proxy?
So what if Jarv is running and my phone is running but not the same ip?

Can I just grab a phone for 40$ and copy the device details or what?

Im very confused


You’re creating a proxy on your phone and using 4G data. You are using your phones IP.


Get an unlimited SIM Card and tether from you phone. This will work fine if you are only trying to run one account.