[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)

Happy New Year to everyone one in Europe now and to everyone else! :tada::beers::tada::beers::tada::confetti_ball:

2020 is the year!!

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wow that sucks, well i aint selling anything! just giving an update.

I wasn’t pointing fingers at cha bro :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy New Year

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I’ve had good results lately while keeping my actions < 200


full api 100-150 no problem

Only problem right now is scrapers shutting down pisses me off

get some good quality scrapers there are a lot of providers mate. like me :wink:

same, scrapers dies within 6-24hours lol

Hi guys, any news? Are scrapers working better now?

So silence here. Anyone online?
I want to ask, if i get “Review 24hours” for main account, what is best solution?

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Hey there :slight_smile:
This form helps us and for more people - https://youtu.be/P5p30P9tg7E
if it won’t get back by 24 hours and you don’t get a response - talk with a FB representative + send the normal forms to get it back

Thanks! But unfortunately it didnt help… support dont even reply on requests.
It looks like 3 MAIN account have been banned forever.

Has anyone noticed the changes on Instagram here as well? Did you not receive any CAPTCHAs on your accounts?
I changed everything to ONLY EB actions … hope so without API it will be more safe.

Keep submitting the appeal form, try with different email addresses if they stop replying to your appeal.

You might also want to give this service a try:

Yes, I get captchas on my scraper accounts sometimes. It’s quite normal nowadays for scraper accounts to get captchas. If you get captchas on your main, it means there’s something wrong with the way you’re running the account. How many actions are your accounts doing per day now? do you use mobile proxies?

Yeah, for scrapers is it normal i know…
But i got for the first time CAPTCHA on my main accounts.
I was running with 100 follow/unfollow per day.

  1. Do you run your tools only during night when your clients are sleeping? Support said me, that it is better. Running tools simultaneously is dangerous when clients and Jarvee is running, searching, following at same time from 2 different location.
  2. Do you use same 4G proxies as your clients location?
  3. yes, i am using 4G proxies
  4. Do you run only API or EB?

Do you not run any other tools besides Follow/Unfollow?

  1. No, but I enable night mode on the main accounts. So the accounts go into night mode two times: 1. 12 am - 7 am, and 2. when I use the account manually on phone (3 pm -7 pm)
  2. No.
  3. Currently using full EB on my main accounts.

Thank you.
Do you run follow/unfollow at the same time?

you should never do that, it make the account look fake and that will cause you verifications and blocks, always make sure to enable one and disable the other.

any one getting a lot of captchas recently?

just running 4 accounts on 1 4g and im getting them - not even hitting 100 a da, just 40-50F

so bs this…

yes captchas all over the place…

shit man even your aged accounts?

On all accounts only 4 didn’t get captcha…
I use same settings 2 years now and I never have problem, maybe 1 captcha in month one TL but now it’s crazy…
I stopped everything