[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


going manual is the fastest transition you can make at the moment rather than relying on some magical fix which wont come any time soon


Can you do manull from JV EB ? will that work ? instead of phones …
BTW, there is a solution … it just ral compnies have it and not small operators…


Problematic accounts have problems doing manual in EB, they give errors, but they run ok in the phone. In EB you must go very slowly to recover them, but it is possible if you give them some rest period. I did it succesfully with several accounts.


im using jarvee alm,ost 2month. and until now still getting blocked for all account. and now. my account didnt running. its stuck…and they only say; its your proxy…
i try every proxy supplier…and jarvee suport still say : its your proxy.


So phone works better for manuall ?


Depends on the trust score of the account. There are accounts that cannot grow in jrv, they need to recover trust score, for my experience, only possible in manual
I am testing now, i guess i will have results soon


Is anyone seeing more Jarvee blocks on accounts who do stories? I AM!


Hi Guys - Has anyone else ever got their account compromised, then when you login to Instagram it asks for your phone number to text you a 6 digit code, and you do, but the code never comes?

Ive already tried to get the code on a private firefox browser and 3 different iphones. The code just never comes. Also, when I try and search the account by name its gone. Does this sound like Instagram has permanently deleted the account, or is there a way around this? It happened 2 nights ago and tried many times. The funny thing is it lets me login and asks to send the code, so if I can get the code I’m back in business…

Thank you so much in advance. I’m sweatin’ over here.


Just use another number


This has been happening over and over to our clients. Deleting the app and reinstalling seems to help and using a different number can help - but some are still stuck.


Thanks- Ive used different numbers and different phone all together and still no luck.


yeah I still have 2 clients who are in the same boat - they are flipping the F out


Hi- I’ve used 3 different numbers and 3 different iphones to try and log in, but it still doesn’t work. The code just never comes…


Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I feel you. This is my son’s account, not a client’s, but now knowing that this is happening left and right, I feel very frightened with client accounts. I’ve been in this business for years, but never seen something like this so I was hopping someone here had an answer for a similar situation.


Try verifying on your personal mobile phone connection (not wifi). Wouldn’t work for me, went to my AT&T 4G network and it worked.


Thanks- I tried that too… I turned off wifi and also have AT&T. I read earlier when I searched for threads like this that someone mentions it’s because my phone number is connected to too many different accounts. I do have my number connected to many accounts because I’ve never had a problem over the years. It was always easier for the text verification to come to me instead of a clients. However, this is bad. I don’t know what to try next.


Yeah that too. I had my phone connected to probably 10 accounts at one point and wouldn’t get codes. I took my phone down to about 3 accounts and will get codes. That was earlier this year though, that might have changed.

I also use my wife’s phone or her sisters.


Thanks- I’ll try that. I’ll see if I disconnect my number from a bunch of these accounts if that will work


I understand, I have been running manual since JV was getting soft blocked, something close to 21 days.

I got up to doing ~600 actions per day on my personal account, doing all manual inputs.

Messing with a few settings, I got JV to release the soft block and it started running actions just fine. And like I said, after about 40 actions in 24 hours IG picked it up and hard blocked me for 72 hours.


I got soft block & AC twice with a week of no action in between. I only do likes. No idea, what settings I should be on now. Should I still be on EB or go on to API? It’s getting confusing.