[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


No real solution. Stop false solutions mates. Blocks dont stop.


It’s not the proxy, it’s the account.
The only thing that can save you is “normal using” the account for 2 weeks on your mobile phone.

I run EB without any blocks unless I do tests on purpose.


Sure they don’t when you just try repeat same actions expecting different results.
So this is a TEMPORERY solution.
I do have better solutions:

  1. give the account a real phone and do manual action (it will not get blocked)
  2. use better bot (that simulate real human on real phone) I develop one for the last few months, no blocks either 150/150f/uf.


Depends on the type of proxy you have man, and the quality!


how many account you run / proxy?


I run about 3/5 on a mobile proxy based near the clients…


Noticed that when I push too much on time, faster and more actions, Instagram likes to block my accounts.


This is real life now.


My other bot works well with no blocks, even JV clear cookies and logout 10 times, fails this one works.


is a personal bot that you’ve developed or are you using a purchasable program?


my own.
might be open to public in the next few months.
mimicing only human.


God I have 2 accounts new in JV just blocked after 7 - 19 follows after 7 days of warm up.


well move to your own bot as you praise it everywhere :slight_smile:


that is what I am doing lol.
If it works well in JV it stays there (much cheaper for me)

I am really impressed from the results :slight_smile:



with the first follows of the day?


connected for 1 week doing 4 likes a day.
first day I started do follow: after 9 blocked, another account 17 boom! maybe something is wrong with me proxies … I use ccproxy and I think it leak something


I noticed it too just now some accounts getting soft blocked after 8 to 10 follows. What do u think is the cause?


What proxy do you use ?


I just use a normal residential proxy.


I think I’m done with JV for now. Have been getting little soft blocks consistently for a bit now. Finally got it working and was running for 24 hours. Started slow with a total of 38 actions, and my primary account got hard blocked for 72 hours. After 24 hours…

IMO either JV is seriously messed up with their API and EB actions making it very noticable for IG to see, or IG has stepped up their game to another level.

Currently looking into alternatives. Will report back.