SOLUTION on when the follow-blocked accounts will be unblocked

Our technicians made the test with 200 accounts, follow blocks will disappear dependently on how many follows you done last time, for example your were blocked on 4th. Your are counting all the follows before the 4th of June (counting till 6000) and for example if it will be on 24 of May (you made the first follow from 6k) on the 24 of June the accounts will be unblocked (it depends on how many follows you done within this time) + - 1 day! Welcome :slight_smile:


yes your right
i have 4 account that don’t do a lots of actions
i think about 250-350 this accounts get a short block about 4 days
and i have a big action account the do about 400-500 is block relisted yesterday
and now i have 3 more blocked accounts that do about 800 - 1200

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