How to create IG accounts and what settings to use in Jarvee [ June 2019 ]

Hello ! After the recent updates in IG I had to adjust Jarvee settings to avoid follow blocks like everybody else.I just found a topic on another forum that explain how to create accounts and recommended settings for Jarvee.

Account creation
Get an 4G Dongle or use you Smartphone with 4G USB Tethering

(If you know what you are doing you don’t need Vmware)
(It’s just to cut off all connections beside your 4g)

1.Install VmWare Workstation, it’s free
2. Install Windows 7/10
3. Select this in VMWare

  1. Connect your Phone with USB connection and enable USB Tethering on your Phone

  2. Change Adapter settings

  3. Disable your PC internet connection, let USB Phone connection active

Now your Dongle/Smartphone is directly connected into VMWare Workstation

Use Google Chrome Browser in Inkognito Mode with following extensions
Dont forget to turn on extensions in Inkognito mode !!!
1: WebRTC Leak Prevent
2: Random User-Agent
3: Ghostery

Press things like in the Picture below:

Now create your Instagram account:
I advice you to use Gmail accounts for the max trust score!

I use getsmscode .com for gmail account creation

I Personally take the time to upload Profile Picture, set up Bio and upload some picture directly after account creation. Never let this step out!

After each created Account, disconnect your Smartphone from 4G connection for 10/15 seconds and reconnect it again. You will get a new IP.

After that, if you did everything right, you need no warm up.
I put this Accounts directly on my max settings with IPV4 datacenter proxies.
(it doesnt matter if you have 4g Proxy, you will get follow blocks anyways! read below)

My daily Jarvee settings:
160 F/UF per day max !!!
250 - 300 Likes
30 - 50 DM
4 - 5 Reposts
80 - 100 Comment Likes on own comments
150 - 250 Story views

Full Browser Experience

To avoid IG blocks you might try this

Our technicians made the test with 200 accounts, follow blocks will disappear dependently on how many follows you done last time, for example your were blocked on 4th. Your are counting all the follows before the 4th of June (counting till 6000) and for example if it will be on 24 of May (you made the first follow from 6k) on the 24 of June the accounts will be unblocked (it depends on how many follows you done within this time) + - 1 day! Welcome :slight_smile:


great job dude! Bravo :clap::clap::clap:

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Great to see other people sharing their methods :raised_hands:

it’s not his method

guess that’s why he mentioned it @Kgnkr

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My fault.
Thanks for sharing this

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Can someone explain the reason to visit these websites?
As I understand you need to browse some links there to visit pages, but if you visit these websites you just get to the main page of locations and profiles

thanks this is my method im cartmanbra from bhw


great guide does this work with virtual box?

yes, but i don’t know how to setup usb tethering on virtualbox
i only use vmware


habe ich gestern erstellt
i have created it yesterday


Facebook says new algo looks for cookies on your browser, thats to collect Instagram cookies.

My personal testing I was using Browser Experience but then I disabled and I didnt notice any difference.

Do I really need that? Because this causes too eat much RAM per account. For me is not worth it

Hello Everybody. Hence Instagram and other stuff are blocked in China i am using VPN. Is it possible if use my Phone Internet and VPN (Maybe IP will be different?). Thanks for sharing by the way @gr33n

thanks for sharing my method, bhw is a kindergarden
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You have to create your IG account from your mobile 3G/4G IP.If your carrier is blocking IG then you have a problem and have to buy a mobile proxy.

With a quick search you’ll find plenty of topics about instagram proxies like this one

There are a few providers but from all the threads i saw everybody is happy with @HenryCooper proxies.

Regarding the vpn it might be a good solution for browsing and avoiding internet blocks but i don’t recommend using it for IG account creation.

The former Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Facebook explained that a normal number of visited websites in the last 10 days is one of the biggest factors Facebook uses to differentiate between the real and fake users on Facebook:

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Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. Will be in touch with Henry

Agree with you dude, i’ve didn’t notice any difference

Care to share your follow settings on Jarvee?

From what I know the Full Browser Experience gathers cookies for the embedde browser. But if you run your accounts only on api, using FBE should not change anything.

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And by that is worst I think, correct me if I’m wrong
By API the bot uses reverse engeniring so by API we are making APP calls wich is better than EB.

EB just a normal browser