[ SOLVED ]Created acc with : signup with google+


I have created few pinterest accounts with EB.
When creating signup with google.
I didn’t entered any new pass.
Just from my google account.

Pinterest acc is created and i have created 1 board.

But how can i add this acc on massplanner ?
Because i can’t login with username,pass which is same as g+.

I can ony login with google

But if i enter google info it’s wrong.

Problem solved : Social Profile>Details and manually login in the EB.

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Another thing you can do:

  • Login manually, go to Pinterest account settings and add password. You can even “disconnect” your account from G+, at least it was possible before. Then you’ll use your gmail account and password (new one that you added to Pinterest) to login to your account through MP.
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Thanks @adnan i am gonna try that tomorrow.

Adding few accs each platform to add this accs to my RSS campaign.
Tumblr + linkedin is also possible to post links right ?

Yes, you can do that on both platforms

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