[SOLVED] IG limited the follow ability


The problem is that untill two days before I followed 80 accounts per hour (manually) and now Instagram doesn’t allow me to make up to 25 follow in one time/30 minutes. I was wondering if this is temporary… or Ig changed the algorithm?
What do you believe? Have you got the same problem in your accounts?

Totally temporary. Take a break for a few days and you’ll come back to a totally normal situation.


I will lay off of it for 48hours, do you mean only for follow/unfollow or and posts /likes etc?

What do you believe…I make daily around the 450 follows/unfollows manually.( 80 follows/per hour and 90 unfollows per hour )
There is any propability the Instagram to penalize my accounts or these numbers are safe?

I mean pretend as if you don’t have an IG account. No actions.


I’m not sure until now. But i think it just affecting to bot auto follow without random time, i have test on different bot. With and without random time. one more time, i’m not sure. i just tell my experience.


Don’t think it’s temporary, seems like IG changes the limits:

file milas ellinika?

lay off for a few days and go back at it

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@ddizzle Although I don’t have access to this topic so I can’t see what has changed. But I think the OP used too high limits and that’s what caused the problem.

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Why cant I access the link?


by @ddizzle

It requires Level 2 access.

I followed 80 accounts per hour manually, without any bot.

Where else do I find this post as to read it? Because I don’t have acces in this thread.

You don’t. All it says is that max follows per hour are now probably between 40-50.


and what happen with the unfollows ?


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thank you for your answer

Did you follow by random time? or just click so fast to the down.

Maybe IG change his alogarithm…

I followed 80 in one time - rest 1hour

Yeah, it’s too much in one time :smiley:
Keep calm and slow down.


Ok, the same solution (take a break) has been provided by several people. Consider this issue resolved so I’m closing down the thread.

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