SOLVED! Infinite Loop (Go to Instagram and confirm it's you before requesting a review)

Finally!! I have found a fix for this issue.
It isn’t easy, but here we go.

Basically, Meta Security has confirmed that this is a Instagram UI Bug which is affecting user confirmation for accounts that were disabled due to “Suspicious Activity”.

You’re going to have to get the attention of the Instagram internal team. Best way to do this is thru Facebook Ad support or Media Partner forms.

Do not over explain about your account being disabled, rather, address the issue of the Instagram User Interface Bug so they will forward your case to the internal team. Explain that you are going thru a Confirmation Loop that is constantly asking you to confirm your account, even tho you already have.

My account was not restored, but it has now been confirmed so I can now fill out the Instagram Help Center form.
After which I can restore the account myself!

This is the most important form on Instagram.
This form does not restore your account. It only unlocks your account so you can now use form 1652567838289083 to restore your account.

Accounts are being restored on an individual basis.
Meaning Instagram does not have a fix for all users yet, only users who report this UI Bug and get assistance.
If you do not report this bug yourself you will not get any assistance. Basically you’ll just have to wait for a huge update before getting access to your account.

So, if you’re serious about your Instagram account you will do what is necessary to restore it. Or else wait for the full fix.

Can you elaborate how did you manage to get their attention? So that users here will know where to start.

Login to you Facebook account then goto

I guess it got a lot of users try this one… I only see this now

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Thanks for the solution, will definitely try it out :pray:

I dunno, one of my accounts was stuck in this loop for over a month, and now all of sudden I’m able to submit the appeal form. I never contacted Facebook, but I know someone who did the whole buy an ad, contact chat support and the reply he got was that instagram is aware of the issue with peoples accounts being stuck in a loop, theyre aware of peoples accounts being disabled, and not getting any response when sending in the code/appeal, and that they’re working on a fix for it. This was told to me about 2 weeks ago. Initially when he told me this, I wasn’t able to appeal… but now I am, so I guess they are making some changes… they’re just ridiculously slow.

Imo, for a multimillion dollar company… they’re really unprofessional when it comes to providing reasonable support/useful help. There are literally services available that can “ban any instagram account” which instagram is aware of… and their only response was basically there’s nothing they can do about it. Thats the response they gave to the security company that contacted them regarding it. So to me, that tells me they really don’t care.

I have two accounts currently disabled. The one that was stuck in the loop, when I login it says basically “its been over 30 days… so you won’t be able to get your account back”, but yet still gives me an appeal button at the bottom of the message. The other ones just says the account has been deactivated and the button to appeal it is also under it. So they’re basically all over the place. I have a feeling I will get both accounts back, but when that will be… only God knows.