Some Pinterest Strategy Questions

Hey Pin Pro Girls ang Guys

Lots have changed since I used Pinterest back a few years ago, so help me understand the new pinterest:

  1. New accounts should be warmed up I have read here, so basically you can after a couple of days start to repin other than your pins and add some own pins to a board. These own pins do not appear in search - is this correct? So basically with a fresh account you only get exposure by following other users and hope they see your pins by visiting your boards?


nope you are wrong, you follow others so that you can be followed, now for your pins to get exposed mainly depends on the number of followers you have lets say for example you have 10000 thousand follower overall and each board have about 2500 followers then if you post any pin 2500 followers in that board will see your pins in their feeds

also if your pins is repin my your followers and their followers repin that same pin that is where the exposure comes from

remember even if that same pin is repined 30,000 times with your url as the source you keep getting the traffic to your site as long your url is in that pin

another way for exposure is by joining group boards with lots of members , posting anything in that board all the members belonging to that group see your pin, note each member of such group board have vary amount of followers who are likely to see that pin as well as repin such pin to their followers that is where the exposure comes from

in summary have lots of followers, join group boards pin images WORTH REPINNG very important

hope this helps

Well, this isn’t really true, not all followers will see it. It depends on the engagement on those pins. If the pins gets low number of likes, repins and clicks, Pinterest will show it to less users, doesn’t matter if they follow your board or not.

For everything else you said, I agree :slight_smile:

thx guys - now I have to make a plan

One more question: So what about the general search. Lets say a user gets into pinterest and just types “garden plant” in the search. Which pins are shown there? Are pins of new accounts shown?

Most popular pins for that keywords should be displayed. That’s why we want to make our pins look popular.