Some ways to get different UserAgent

  1. Download NOX

  2. Use the Multi-Drive

  3. Click on Add emulator and select New emulator

  4. install “Device Info HW” & “Device ID” on different emulator

  5. change different model

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to help out.

P.S. Sorry for my English as not my mother tongue


Did you try to use the new generated Device IDs?

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Yes, I have collected five different useragent, and they can all work normally. :+1:

Thank you for sharing, How many follow unfollow you do a day? and do you do it manually?

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i follow 20-50/day ,and unfollow next day , but 2 of them still get block,so I think the way to change the useragent is just one way to avoid the block.

How do you use these? Do you somehow import them into Jarvee or do you change the user agent of your phone and do it manually?


I found the information I needed from “Device Info HW”、“Device ID” and then changed him manually.

You mean that you change de device id in JV settings right?


Yes, I got some information here.


Thanks mate :slight_smile:

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I really needed a tool like this thank you buddy.

must be a something worthwile

once we started using personal computers (located obviously in the same city as accounts) instead of VPS and started using hotspot from our iPhones (LTE) instead of proxy, then suddenly accounts perform perfect 200 likes 200 follows a day whereas on VPS + 4g proxy we got blocked after couple of follows/likes

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