“Sorry you no longer have access to this topic”

Okay, I apologize in advance if this rubs anybody wrong but I can’t be the ONLY person dealing with this. This is now the 2nd or 3rd time that I’m in the middle of posting on a thread, and suddenly I no longer have access to that topic. Here’s my problem with this guys. If I have contributed information to this thread, I find it very unfair to allow others to see my information but now I can’t see any responses to what I have provided. I understand there are levels here. And I am beyond grateful to this forum. But to be in a thread for days providing info and then suddenly I can’t access it anymore is not only frustrating, but completely unfair to those that contributed to that information. Am I the only one experiencing this? (Sorry leaders, but please understand where I’m coming from.)


Topics get moved to level 2 if the discussion enters specific areas that aren’t supposed to be discussed publicly in level 1.


Okay great. But if I’m contributing to that topic, and comparing data with someone else, how am I going to suddenly not have access when I’m the one specifically giving data to that topic? Lol it seems completely absurd. I understand there are levels. But if you are already actively engaged in the thread it seems unfair.


Then you can blame others who refuse to follow the rules / insist on ignoring them. Eventually you’ll be level 2 and this won’t be an issue.

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What are you talking about? Blame others for what? It’s a thread and nobody was doing anything wrong lol. You’re jumping to conclusions here.

I am thinking the exact same thing


If you can’t see the thread anymore how do you know nothing in the thread was requiring a level 2 move? Also do you know the limitations of what can be stated in a level 1 post?

I’m not sure what thread you were referring to but I’m sure it had a very solid reason for being moved. I know it’s frustrating…it sucks for us too as it also means we lose out on discussion and feedback from solid people who aren’t higher levels yet. But there are reasons behind the restrictions…primarily to protect this community.


@ian was providing actual fact. No jumping to conclusions there at all.
If you make it to level 2 some day, you will understand what he is referring to. There are things in level 2 & 3 that are not allowed to be available to the public. If someone mentions any of these things in level 1, a level 4 leader will quickly move it to level 2.
Rightfully so.


Well my post was put back to level 1 so now I’m confused. But thankful it was put back.

Editing it to say thank you for your response though. I appreciate your input.

And no I don’t believe he was providing actual fact … which is exactly why my post was put back to level 1…and rightfully so. Smh. Listen I understand that some of you have been on this forum a while and that’s great. And you’ve been here like 7 months and that’s great for you. But I created a topic to get true answers about something that genuinely concerned me, especially since I wrote a lot of things regarding my own account and suddenly didn’t have access to my post. The thread had nothing to do with people not acting right in a forum which is why it was put back by one of the leaders. This is the second time I see a post from you that always seems a bit negative in this forum and you’ve only been here 7 months. There are people here that have been here way longer than you, actually most, you haven’t even been here long at all…and they just have a better way of communicating. If you can’t provide anything useful, please skip the topic and move on.

Most likely the offending post(s) were edited to make the thread legitimate again so someone moved it back. But I wasn’t involved with it so I couldn’t say for certain. But I’ve done that a few times for a few threads.


@Tacos Honestly, there was nothing offending to the thread. It was a basic thread, not long at all. It must have been a mistake or something cause it honestly didn’t make sense. But I do understand that there are things I guess that can only be level 2 but hear me out for a second…if you post something and you’re contributing to a thread with all your info from a post, then it’s only fair that you have access to at least your own post lol. If not, then your post should be deleted. If you can’t be in the thread, then your post shouldn’t either because it’s unfair to not have access to your own written words. You feel me? With all due respect of course. And again, thank you always for your input.

My point was the thread might not have been about your post or your content (although again not knowing the thread or why it was moved I can’t really say). It could have been something someone else said on the thread.

There are some very basic rules that can be easily broken that to a person new to the forum might not even realize is an issue. Even veterans (hell myself included) have made mistakes just because we’re bouncing between level posts all the time)

I understand where you’re coming from though. And while the post getting deleted if it is a problem is a possibility…that relies on a dev which can take 12-24 hours before they get a chance to review. During that time the community is at risk. This is why the higher levels can privatize a thread so it can be protected while it is either edited to be considered publically safe again or ultimately removed once a dev has reviewed.

I can’t really expect seeing them change how the forum operates or putting a lot more power in the hands of random people on the forums. This is just a necessary evil you will need to endure for a while. It’s worth it though for the community.


Hey, look dude, if you’re providing real value to this forum than I am all about it. And I am happy to hear that the thread was corrected and placed back where you can add value to it.
The amount of damage control with new members creating 100 threads on the same topic, and demanding to be spoon fed years of information has been out of control lately. If you are actually here to learn, put in the time, and help others, then I support that. Really, I do.
But it isn’t really necessary that you accuse me of being negative when you clearly took my post out of context. I was simple and clear and to the point so I am sorry if that offended you?
And also, you don’t know me. I help a lot of people on here and I have made many friends for life on this forum. Not that I have anything to prove but I created a new account last year for reasons.
I will add as a side note that this is in a light good tone, no animosity here.


@Tacos I get you. It freaked me out a bit because I had just written so much data about my account to help the community regarding follow blocks, number of actions, things of that nature. And then it was just gone. It gave me a bit of anxiety I must admit because it’s my data and everyone had access to my words but me. I find that wrong and I do hope there can be some resolve to situations like that because I just feel that we all should have access to the words we write. They are ours. Maybe not the thread. But our words…that’s different. But anyways, I look forward to level 2 lol because this is a bit frustrating. I will continue to try to contribute in a POSITIVE manner to this forum and can I just say that I always appreciate vets like you that don’t act like they are better than others. So thank you for that.

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Okay … not sure why you are bringing up new members and spoon feeding them and repeated topics because, again, that does not apply to me.
Clearly, you are frustrated with new members or something. But this thread has nothing to do with that so you jumped on this thread already on your high horse like I’ve seen you in other threads. I’m not the only one that feels this way either. You just seem to look down on others and then when someone questions you, you resort to “oh you must be a noob.” There are leaders here who don’t even act like you. It’s condescending. But anyways, maybe we got off to a bad start. I’m all for putting things behind me. I just know that whether I’m here for 2 weeks or 2 years, I will always strive to treat everyone with just simple common decency. I will strive to always contribute in a positive manner and truly help others because I do want to be a part of a community that helps bring up, not tears down.

I need to go read up on the level system here. This same thing has happened to me and I believe it’s because I’m more of a lurker. But the level system reminds me of that creepy Scientologist documentary.

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@faustisland :rofl: lmaoooo

Moving to LVL. 2 is indeed a protective measure, and no it’s not done by mistake.


Honestly a lot of us are frustrated with level ones (and frankly some higher levels too haha). Since the blocks early June a lot of scrubs have made their way onto these forums asking the same questions without doing their research, getting defensive when they’re told to do some searching on the forums and act like they’re the shit because they have 10 clients they charge $15/mo to do basic F/uF.

I’m not saying this was you, still haven’t seen your thread so I still can’t comment on it specifically :smile: …but to be fair the “why was my post move to level 2…this isn’t fair” style posts happens several times a week. I’m tired of seeing them, I think most of us are tired of seeing them.

If that was a slight at @jmarie I don’t think she was trying to act all superior towards you. She’s one of the more helpful and honest people on this forum. I didn’t get any sort of negative vibe off of her post. She was very matter of fact but honestly on these forums being direct and straight to the point is sometimes the only way to reach people. Remember it’s hard to convey specific emotional intent in text. That’s why she wrote at the end of her last post she has no animosity towards you…to help you realize that.

Leaders are no different than you or I…they don’t have anything special about them that sets them apart from others. The title is actually quite misleading compared to what their actual status is…which is simply having access to another tier of forums. You’ll learn this of course as you spend more time here :smiley:

She was speaking to that as a general plague that we have in these forums right now. She wasn’t directly indicating you were part of the problem. There are threads of certain users who are notorious now in these forums for asking questions easily searchable, receiving links to those threads and then STILL asking for a direct answer because they don’t want to read the other thread. Again, that’s not suggesting you are that person…I still don’t know your original thread haha. But you’ll see it happen a lot

Also just to put this to rest…your argument with her started from you telling Ian he was jumping to conclusions about why the thread was moved. Even I called you out on it as my first post too. She simply said it differently than me but we ultimately wound up saying the same thing…in fact I think her first post was nicer to you than mine.

I think you got stuck on thinking the only reason the thread could be moved is because you did something wrong despite the fact you were positive you hadn’t done anything incorrect. Based on our previous posts to each other I think you have a better understanding now of how the forums work and hopefully realize her statements to you were right on the money in terms of why a post could be moved and it wasn’t in direct relation to something you did, just something that happened in the entire thread.

My best advice to you moving forward is realize most of us are always willing to help. Even when we sound like dicks we’re typically being helpful at the same time. Especially someone like myself or @jmarie. I sometimes downright sound like an asshole on the forums but I always mean well. Next time you believe someone is belittling you take a few minutes, then reread and try to do so from a perspective that the person is trying to help you.

If you still can’t see it than respond how you will. But rarely will you find a veteran of these forums just downright being a jackass to you unless you are ignoring anything helpful anyone has said