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@Tacos Actually, this isn’t my first encounter with @jmarie. So you gotta understand when you read everything that I wrote, just know it’s coming from a place of frustration from seeing @jmarie’s responses to other people. To be quite frank, it has nothing to do with this post. But let’s take a moment and address something here while we’re at it. I don’t care if you’re a leader, a regular, Obama, Trump or the freakin POPE, we are all human beings. When I told you I appreciate how you act as a vet, it’s not to gas you up lol. It’s to highlight those that don’t act superior. Now why do I say that? Because of what @jmarie wrote on this post? No not at all. If that’s what you got from this then you missed my point. I wrote that because there is a common theme going around this forum from certain individuals. There’s the vets that yes, can be rude sometimes, but then there’s the vets that on top of being rude, have to consistently tell people or make it loudly known that they aren’t noobs, that they’ve been here for I don’t know how long, that they’re this, that and whatever and most importantly for their ego, that they’re level 2. It’s ridiculous. For example, I knew that by writing @jmarie that they have only been here for 7 months would drive this person insane to the point that they had to write an entire explanation about how their account is new and how they made a second account. They had to explain all this just so he/she doesn’t feel less of a person. I knew this. Quite frankly, it’s pathetic. The constant need for gratification. Regardless, huffin and puffin about other noobs is not gonna push the conversation forward either. I’m just blunt and straight forward. I’m gonna call shit as I see it. If I felt you were an asshole, I would have gladly told u as well. But even if you were an asshole, that’s not even what’s annoying. If you went around constantly trying to remind people who you are and what level you are compared to others lol then I’d say you are an idiot and pathetic lol. Like I said I’m blunt. So there you go Tacos. Lol. That’s my two cents on all this shit.


@Tacos But regardless, since this topic is about not having access to level 2 shit and so on, my whole point is to learn so let’s at least post something here that others can benefit from.
Can you, as a vet lol, perhaps provide some insight as to what is considered to be level 1 versus level 2 so that some of us can be better prepared and not post things? Is there a list? I’ve used the search function and I see the requirements for levels but I don’t see any topics that are off limits. If I missed that, can you post it here so that others can benefit as well?


I do agree with that…there are some people that speak on this forum like their shit doesn’t stink. I don’t think @jmarie is one of them. There are actually some on these forums that are highly respected that when I saw the kind of work they did on IG accounts I lost all faith in humanity…it was so bad.

You called her out on being here for only seven months. To me it makes sense to correct you.

It’d be the same to me if someone told me my statements weren’t relavent regarding client management because I’ve only been doing it publically since March of this year…although in that period I’ve already amassed a sizable amount in monthly billings and would have far more at this point if IG hadn’t been messing around this month. I’m not trying to brag …fuck seriously I’m not trying to brag lol…my point was more if someone provides a misrepresented fact about you on these forums one can feel compelled to correct it not because of general pride or desire to boast. But rather our reputations mean everything on these forums. My billings for example don’t mean I know everything about client management…in fact I’m still quite the small fish…but it stands to reason I’m not completely out of the loop either :smiley:

On a side note, the sheer amount of misinformation that has been in these forums in the past month has reached epidemic levels. At this point correcting people or telling them to not state opinions as facts seems second nature to many…myself included. I’ve actually gotten to a point I only look at these forums every few days because I felt every post I was making wasn’t a positive contribution beyond telling someone to correct their statement or that I had information that rebutted their suggestions.

You and me both. It gets tiring trying to call all the people out on their bs. I need a VA to keep up with this.

I’m assuming this is the post you read. Unfortunately there isn’t much more than that. There is no secret sauce to level 2 beyond be a productive member of the community. Providing guides and walkthroughs (preferably not rehashed stuff already here on the forums) is a great start. Insight as to what you do that works well for you, even suggestions on tools that make your SMM life easier. Every tidbit of knowledge is always welcome.

There’s no secret handshake or specific checklist to determine advancement…or if there is I’m not worthy enough to know what those are. I would probably say right now your biggest hurdle will be standing out from all the masses that have flooded in this month into the forum. I’ll leave it up to you to work out how to do that.

One suggestion if you don’t have anything amazingly unique to offer are some updated guides. There’s a lot of good information in these forums but a ton of it is stupid outdated (like 2017 outdated). Posting new guides that factor in new things between then and now could be a big help to a lot of people and is something virtually nobody does.


For the most part, I think we’re both on the same page. I do understand what you mean about your reputation but … dear God… if your reputation is solely based on how long you are on a forum, that’s hardly a feat. Plus, that’s what his/her profile says. The date puts them at about 7 months or so. But hey big deal. I honestly don’t care if you’ve been here 7 months or 7 minutes. lol I mean this really seems so trivial and I hope people judge reputations here on actual productivity, hell even judging based on character is better than judging reputation based on length of tenure lol. That tells me nothing. I agree reputations are huge. But they’re huge because of important factors … I hardly consider the amount of time someone is on a forum to be such a contributing factor. Anyways, on to the other topic lol. You missed my point on that as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol. I know what the guidelines are to be in level 2 and the other levels. I already read that post. What I would like to know is if there are any TOPICS that are off limits to level 1 users thus making their post get moved to level 2. Do you understand where I’m getting at with this? Not how to get into level 2. I’d like to know what TOPICS are not allowed to be discussed as a level 1 member that would suddenly move the post to level 2. You feel me?


Haha I get that…get ready to be disappointed though. As part of the rules are not divulging things to a person not already familiar with them. Meaning there are certain things not to be discussed publically but I can’t tell you what they are because I don’t know if you’d know what I’m referring to and if you’re not…then I’m breaking the rules.

I know it devolves into some illuminati level bs and to you, the topic(s) may be trivial once you know what they are…but ultimately I still can’t tell you without being in violation of the rules myself…even by DM.

The best I can say is you’re probably safe in most things you say. If you get personally dinged for hitting a secret phrase the thread will get moved and most likely you’ll get a DM letting you know not to discuss that particular thing (no guarantee on that though, there’s no requirement for us to tell anyone why we moved a thread…most of us do out of courtesy though).


@Tacos Yooo lol this shit is dead ass sounding ridiculous? Do you even hear yourself lol? Check it…vets get mad at Level 1’s for writing certain shit. Level 1’s get upset because their posts may get deleted. Level 1’s ask “what topics can I not talk about so it doesn’t get deleted.” Vets say we can’t tell you. Lmao. I’m done.


I know what you’re saying. I 100% understand. I tried to explain it better than simply “It’s classified, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you”…and hope you get the reference :smiley:

But it is what it is. I don’t make the rules here, I just drink the tea.


@Tacos On some Illuminati shit str8 up lol.


This forum is watched very carefully by others – BHW folks and such. Not so much Insta, they dont need to becuase it is so small compared to sites they want to take down like SMM resellers/vendors.

And as such, sometimes we give clues how to work around this or that, soon copied to other sites such as ours. This right here is worth protecting – after all, if we found out how to bypass this or that and others not here spill the beans – that loophole/bypass is fixed. That is one reason.
Another reason is software secrets let out to the public – that is a small reason.

Items are placed in level 2 for protection of either ways or info of certain parts of the software – for whatever reasons.
I agree is sucks to make a thread, have it moved up and not even be able to see it. I would be pissed.
I would also contact a admin and ask why.
I am also like @tacos… just a person who reads and add but not a admin.


@Alexnvo All this makes sense. Especially if it’s being heavily watched. That is DEF worth protecting. And yeah man. It sucks not to have access to your own written words. Lol.


Just continue to post meaningful content and be an active member of the community. Amidst the follow block shit that happened last may, some stuff got moved up to level 2 so i didnt have access. I was patient and it made me want to come on here more often, which has also helped me automate accounts better. I know it can be frustrating as I am soo close to a level 2… just missing the some likes and replying in different threads!


It’s for sure a little unfair but the rules protect the overall community. Work hard to get to lvl2


Blockquote[quote=“D33, post:26, topic:70952”]
Yooo lol this shit is dead ass sounding ridiculous? Do you even hear yourself lol? Check it…vets get mad at Level 1’s for writing certain shit. Level 1’s get upset because their posts may get deleted. Level 1’s ask “what topics can I not talk about so it doesn’t get deleted.” Vets say we can’t tell you. Lmao. I’m done.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: that was awesome!! I had to laugh

But apparently now you are Finally level2. So never forget where you started :upside_down_face:


@Hexe Lmao hahahahaha it was a struggle. I will never forget lol😩


You must be patient… like me…


This just happened to a topic that I created less than 15 minutes ago.

I don’t have access to my own topic.

I have LVL2 access but I still receive the same notification, so I assume it must have been moved elsewhere.

Please could someone advise on this…?


haha you had just bad luck and got the crappiest MPsocial account ever i guess :joy: I am sorry for you but I also can’t see your thread :man_shrugging:

please help this man @Adnan


People who act as moderators around here need to chill out and mind their own business.
If the topic creator choose a certain level for a topic it should be left like that.
@Adnan maybe you can look into this and make sure not everybody acts as forum police.
Topics should be left alone if the original creator chooses to do so.


The topic contained something that isn’t allowed in LVL1. It’s moved to LVL2 now.


Now i can also see it. Maybe it was just moving when we checked. Because @embraceone and me can see level 2 - but the thread was not existent. Thanks for looking into it.