Sort Out Business vs Personal Accounts


Is there a way to see which users have business accounts and which ones have personal accounts in MP?

Like for example when extracting followers.


Are you referring to Instagram, if yes I dont think Instagram makes this information public(which account is personal and which business).
The api call that extracts followers doesnt return this information.

Nope, there’s no way to know that. Why would you care, btw?

It would be interesting to test if excluding anyone with a business account increased followback %

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just a get secondary account then, make it business an exclude it :slight_smile: not sure why it would do that though, it’s not like instagram knows you’ve excluded that account…

I actually meant it would be interesting to test excluding all business accounts when scraping for users in follow sources. Like how we can choose to not follow private users, or only follow users who have posted in the last x days etc.


  1. Only follow business accounts
  2. Only follow personal accounts

I imagine anyone who has upgraded their account to a business account is more invested in instagram than the average user, so are they less likely to followback?

On the flip side though, if I was promoting a product aimed at instagram ‘brands’, it would make sense to test only following business accounts.

Just my thoughts on why this might be useful - it’s not something I’m requesting by the way!

Oh, I get it now…it’s interesting what you’re saying though I am not sure it can be done. If Ig doesn’t give you that information I don’t think there’s any other way to obtain it. Will keep an eye out for this though.

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bingo. more than 50% of my followers are competition, who are probably using an automated software, aka zero value for me :slight_smile:

yes I was referring to instagram. many of my current followers are competitors

good point. In my niche (make money online) most, if not all, business accounts are competitors. I’m looking get clients.
So my current approach is:

1- scrape users by keywords and by main competitors names
2 - manually go through the list and delete obvious competitors names
3 - upload the edited list and follow only those who follow competitors.