Spintax text problem

basically when i do my spntax i always do something like {easily|recursively} … but i see a different type of spintax that i dont understand what is its main difference with the first one like this one : {{beautiful |}{{content |}text |}

can someone clarify why i need to do something like {text |} ?

That’s just an example of multiple levels of spintax, although those examples will either show one of the words or nothing, because the space after the | is blank for both second/third inner brackets.

“{text |}” gives you two options: "text " or “”. Notice how the second option gives you nothing. You can use this to add an adverb to words. For example, “{really |}nice” gives you “really nice” or “nice”. Doing so adds another combination to your spintax.

if you are using Jarvee you can contact their support they have sent me a good article that explain all kind of Spintax levels.

What you’re referring to is called “nested spintax”. There are a couple threads on here that will explain how to create one in detail.

Just found this helpful thread. Using Deeply Nested & Modular Spintax (With Example)


Solid find. The above also has the info you need.

It brings a more sophisticated form of spintaxing where a word is non-essential but useful to adding to the overall message shared. Obviously, the more sophisticated, the more options, the more unique spintax output, the less chance of a ban/block based on message spam.

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