Sponsored Insights Are Broken

I have a new topic of conversation and it comers ironically to IG this time.

I recently read a thread here about an engagement hack of $1 ad spend, I will plug that link when I refind it. Basically it was to target the top 10 most active countries, choose your niche interests and only spend $1 for the campaign. It absolutely worked phenomenally if your goal is to get tons of more likes. They were flowing in.

What is funny is IG is 1. so annoying as the campaign took 20 hours to approve leaving me with 4 hours of campaign time:rofl: while still getting tons of engagement in that time. 2. This post that I sponsored can now not access any insights. It is completely bugged out from showing any information from the campaign. I tried to re-run the campaign and up it to $2 per day and it said it was in violation and couldn’t be accepted lmao.

Do they want our money? Do they want us to stop generating our own engagement and followers? IG WHAT DO YOU WANT :face_with_thermometer:

That’s the thread created by me and here it is:

The approval of campaign for me takes less than 30 minutes. You can do the following avoid long waits:

  1. Remove your payment method and relink again (I’d recommend paypal). I never had any problems.
  2. If the status is stuck in pending approval and your campaign is already running, delete promotion after 2 hours wait and start again.

To see your post insights again, click on delete promotion. The original post stats will be shown again. If you like to see the promotion insights again, you can check via FB ad manager.

Looks like your payment method is having issues. Follow the steps mentioned above and the issues will be solved.

Happy growing!

Thanks for linking your post! I found the results pretty interesting and very effective. I can’t even run another ad for the post however which is why I made this post because it’s ironic lol.

It says unknown error when I try, payment method is all good.

You should wait a 24 hours. If it is still bugged, contact their staff to solve your issue!