[GUIDE] Gaining massive exposure & engagement using Ad Campaign for 1$/€ or less

Hey guys! I am posting my first guide here in this amazing community. Hope this is helpful for you.

Recently, I have been testing some methods to get the most out of IG’s promotion services and might have found a loophole in the system. What is it?

Getting massive exposure and engagement by spending 1$/€ or less



  1. Click on the post you want to promote and the goal was to drive traffic to my account.
  2. In select target audience, for my test I created my own audience list based on countries with highest IG users and set the age bar between 17-55, both male and female. I used all the countries in this chart below.
  3. For audience interest, I added “travel, photography and architecture” based on the post I was promoting.
  4. If you did the above steps right, your “Potential People Reached” must have reached 500million+
  5. Now, set your budget as 1$/€ (or other currency you use) and campaign for one day - don’t worry about the Est.Reach prediction as it always reaches more than prediction numbers.

Sit back and relax.

For example, if you are based in Europe and don’t want to target such demographic area as above example, you can restrict audience just for Europe like the example below:

Some might say, " Spending 1$/€ just to gain 1000-2000 likes? ". I am not claiming this is the only best method for massive exposure, but a humble guide without external automation which helped me create a better insights chart and was able to strongly pitch potential brands for collaborations.

Note: As always, content is the key. Promote only the content you believe is high quality and engaging.

If you reached here, thank you for reading and you deserve to hear about LOOPHOLE IN THE SYSTEM:

  1. Repeat Step 1 to 4 from the setup process mentioned above.
  2. Instead of 1$/€ budget, set 2$/€ for 3 or 4 days duration and start the campaign.
  3. After day hours of your target audience (example - after 12am), pause promotion.
  4. Resume promotion the next day during active hours - 8am and pause again after 12am.
  5. Pause and delete promotion after you reached satisfactory engagement.


IG pushes your content to even more audience since you have bigger budget. But you only will pay for the period you used. In my case, I paid 2.16€ out of 6€ budget campaign.

Feel free to give feedback about the guide to help me provide better content next time!

I love this community and have learned a lot over the period of time. If you feel I missed something important in the guide, feel free to let me know or add below.



Love this! Thank you! I’m gonna give it a try!


Thanks for this :ok_hand::clap:


If this thread will get moved to lv 2 I won’t be shocked.

Very great stuff right here!


Then @susonsjack can’t read his own post! Abit harsh haha

Great guide though very useful. Did you do this for acct growth or just to promote something?

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liked and saved,

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Thanks a lot! Will be eager to see how it worked out for you :slight_smile:

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Huge thanks for the support buddy! :pray:

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Thank you for your guide bro, I’ll test it out :muscle:

haha, that would be rough :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did this for account growth. Sure, this method will work if you are promoting something - you’ll get likes and impressions but curious if the traffic can be routed for sales. I will test this and share results in a few days.


Thanks for sharing this. Do you notice any difference in reach of your other unprompted posts? Do they have a larger or smaller reach in respect to the popularity of the content or was it not affected by the paid promotion you did?

Thanks bro ! I’ll test it today ! :metal::heart_eyes:

There has been no decrease in engagement on my non-promoted posts. The range of engagement I normally get stays the same. The promoted posts just gets the extra nudge in terms of engagement and growth.


hey @susonsjack, are you launching ads from app or from the business manager? :smiley: thanks!

Thanks for answering my question. Do you have an influencer account or business account?

Has anyone here with influencer account ever received IG promotion credit?

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I launch the ads from the app and track the numbers using fb ad manager :slight_smile:

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I have an creator account. But I’ve tested this method on business account too and it worked smoothly

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Problem is: this is not new and it actually kills your engagement. At least in my experience after sponsoring something the engagement goes really down.


Awesome tip, gonna try that on my travel account

Thanks bro <3