Starting a new Instagram Journey as a Newbie

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good time!

I am about to start a fresh Instagram Journey with Jarvee and Mother/Child Accounts. I have read the Thread from CatX(CatX - The Ultimate Mother / Child Guide + Updated Jarvee Settings) and I hope someday I can scale it up like he does. But for now I want to start with a smaller Budget and get at least 5-10 Child Accounts running. To have a more confident start I would like to ask some questions about my approach.

  1. In his thread he is using real simcards in order to create Instagram Accounts on his dummy phone before importing them to Jarvee. And he is recommending using simcards from your own country, but since I am from Germany things sadly do not work out like that, you can’t get mass simcards in Germany because you have to register everyone to a real Person(and you don’t have unlimited 4g bandwith in Germany). I am planing to create the Instagram Accounts with my personal iPhone (with 4G) and turn on Airplane mode on off after every creation in order to get a new IP Adress. And afterwards importing them to Jarvee with a 4g German proxy.(Most Proxy Locations are in Berlin, and I am from Bavaria which has a distance of 400 miles approx. Plus I am using virtual phone numbers (from germany) to create the Accounts. So I won’t be able to receive another SMS when the verification triggers. My Question would be if this method would work out in long term or is it not worth to start it like that in the first place? Any other Recommendations? And should I just create a Mother Account that is Niche related and leave it as my main Account logged in on my Phone to upload content etc.?

I am sorry if those are newbie questions I am just starting out and I am trying to avoid doing least mistakes as possible.

For now this should be it. I would be glad to add more questions in the future and I am very thankful in advance for every advice!

Have a nice one!


5 account’s will be easy. The hard part will be scaling. You will need to find a way to create accounts differently.

It should, yes :slight_smile:

Start slowly. This method (M/C) is really not easy to setup, and requires a high-end knowledge about Instagram (& data science overall).

Starts slow, bring results, scale fast.

Good luck !

I believe Mother/Child is the best and the safest method for a mother account but will probably require changing Child accounts from time to time or at least to do some verifications. So you just need to find a method for creating accounts safely.

Im looking to get started with this method very soon. This is just what will motivate me. Have you worked with jarvee before?

yes of course it will work that’s what most of us here do, you just need the proper setup and configurations to start with, just like denis said start slow then scale slowly and you will get good results.

You can learn a lot from this forum, here. Make sure you have a few months ahead to expect results, as it needs an advanced level nowadays, in order to make it work. Don’t expect it to be all green after 2 months, allow yourself some time :slight_smile:

Long term work

I agree, it’s a long term work so don’t quit after first couple of hickups.

yes just ask and we will try to help you as much as we can.

You can also ask their support team in combination with asking here. that way you will get plenty of suggestions.