Starting a SMMA / Social Media Marketing Agency


Hey Guys! I really love this forum with all the Topics and Information it is literally the best forum out there.
Now, I really want to start my own SMMA. It feels like this was my dream since day one.
So after I took Jordan Platten’s course I’m currently taking the Iman Gadzhi - Six Figure Agency course and it has a lot of useful information in it (Jordan’s course has better cold call templates).
So here is my question: although I am taking these courses, is anyone here on this forum who started an SMMA and has some tips for me? Or who would be able to coach me or mentor me? Or just got some helpful information?
I would really appreciate every single piece of information and answers you guys have to my question!
Also, my dear MPSocial friends is there a chance to keep you up to date?
I know this is a lot but I will try to give as much information as possible to this awesome forum!
Thank you! :wink:


Stop ‘making progress’ by watching courses and start making progress by actually doing.


Great timing my friend. Good luck!


Thank @grown this is really what I need! :pray:


Thank you man, will give my heart to it!


:rofl::rofl: Poor guy has no idea what he’s walking into


hahaha :joy:
Gotta try things…