STAY AWAKE - Cognitive Enhancers/ Bio Hacking/ BulletProof Coffee

Any of you into the above? What have you found works well for improving your focus? :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

I use a version of “Bullet Proof” coffee with MCT oil and Organic Ghee. I drink one big cup in the morning and that seems to help me right through the day.

Before I was drinking 1 litre plus of coffee AND energy drinks!. Part of that was a medical issue which has been fixed, but I feel so much better on the bullet proof coffee.

I also used to take choline bitartrate and B vits which seemed to help too.

How about you? Willing to admit anything? :policeman::rofl:


The gym is always in the morning.
After the gym or Cardio, I always have a positive mood and I want to work constantly.
Coffee in the morning
Positive attitude and approach to the mirror and tell yourself that you are the best etc …


Coffee for me is what open my eyes hhhhh

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Tbh for me, weight lifting in the morning killed my motivation. Jogging in the other hand is great in the morning.

Start your day with a 20 minute jog and use IF with plain coffee and guayusa/yerba mate. Killer combo of caffeine, theobromine, theanine etc.

I usually dont need to eat till 18:00 and then its time for some weight lifting to take a break from working. Gives me insane energy to finish off the day.

Bulletproof coffee, unless you are on Keto or watching your calories , is not a great idea.


Yes! Gym or going outside and running.

Breathing pure air is amazing too, and the vitamins is a must! Plus, it’s adviceable to eat healthy food!

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Modafinil and Ritalin :crazy_face:


I’m trying not to eat as much, i have my coffee about 0530 then don’t eat until 12 or 1. I’d like to try IF again. I did it years back and felt really good. Thanks for sharing your tips.

I’ve never believed biohacking stuff personally, think it’s mostly a gimmick but I’m sure it does benefit some. I’ve also never had any energy though, no matter what I try, probably due to years of insomnia and anxiety combined so maybe it’s just me.


Sorry to hear that bud.

4x a day? :rofl:

When studying for my law degree I took half of a 50mg ritalin in the morning and half after lunch. Would prefer ritalin over modafinil. Lazer focus and awake.
Side effects: lack of appetite and irritable.
To calm down: Joint at night :joy:

Microdosing of LSD, mushrooms etc is supposed to be hip in Silicon Valley right now :crazy_face:


I have taken modafinial for studying for exams when I used to study at a university. It was good, but when i tried it again years later, got negative affects(only for the day).

Building these habits over the years have helped me become super focused:

  • Supplementation(years of trial and error, Bio-availability > hype)
  • diet(I’ve cut out or limited anything my mind and body doesn’t like such as dairy/corn products, even if I love it )
  • drinking 4 liters of water daily
  • getting 7-9 hours of sleep daily, Working out 4 times a week
  • Not spanking the monkey(this is insane, for real) :kissing_heart:
  • nature walks most days
  • Limiting games/moves/tv shows
  • Not consuming caffeine daily
  • Being extremely aware of my gut health

I can confirm. I Microdose LSD every 3rd day right now. I have also Microdosed Mushrooms. LSD is like a psychedelic cup of coffee, Mushrooms are extremely grounding and dreamy. Yes I have also had much larger doses. Both put you into an extremely meditative state.


Lol I used to use Adderall and Vyvanse for focus. I still have Adderall but hate the effects so black coffee it is.


Keeping the right sleep schedule and a 20 minute jog in the morning works wonders for me, but I guess everyone has their own thing. :slight_smile:

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If you want to go down the route of microdosing, I would also suggest looking at Phenibut at less than 1g dose 1x per week, coluracetam and fasoracetam. You could also look into kratom.

  • Alternating- all these in moderation will give you a solid 100% almost every day. Failing to use them in moderation as with microdosing, will cost you a great deal.
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As someone who can’t wake up without 2 cups of coffee and stay awake throughout the day without couple of redbulls I have to say moda is indeed very effective, unfortunately my liver is so fucked up that If I’m doing 200mg of moda for couple of days, rest of the week I’m completely fucked up basically rolling on the ground and pain killers are just making it worse.
‘Microdosing’ unfortunately doesn’t seem to work for me :hugs:


Habit is everything for me.

Put away all distractions and stay up to minimal needs, that is what keeps me awake, morning with a nice cup of coffee without sugar and night with 250ml can of coke for good night sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do not know why, but the thing that works the most for me is : (let me try to explain)

If I achieve 1 todo in my task list, quickly in the morning, it puts me in the mood to continue, and give me that “reward feeling” in the brain, and then I want to continue achieving and check tasks and stuff.

If I wait hours and hours after waking up to start a todo or a task, my mood and confident will be down for the day.

But its only personal !

Hope it can helps

Cheers !


I got addicted to coffee (I needed more and more to get areally an awake-effect).

That’s I switched to GREEN TEE and brew it only for 2 minutes.

This is important. If you brew it longer, the wake-up-effect is decreasing!

And if this doesnt help… adapt all tips from the movie CRANK! :wink:


Going to honestly give that a go.
No chance on the no fapping though. The girlfriend wants a baby and she’s relentless haha.