STAY AWAKE - Cognitive Enhancers/ Bio Hacking/ BulletProof Coffee


At the same time? What doses?


I think sleep is a huge factor on being focused.
There is time, then there is productive time…


Thanks, not heard of the first two of those :slight_smile:


Just what the dentist wants :wink: :smiley:


Good idea! Added to my list!


Well a lot of UK people book a flight to Belgrade to dentist, 60-120€ is return flight. Implantation of superstructure is 390€ which is super low and he is one of the best in the Europe. And I’m quite close to Serbia so yeah… :smiley:


Cold showers are great for this - also studies have shown they improve the immune system and help burn fats as positive side effects :slight_smile:


I have been taking a normal shower in the morning and ending with a 10 second cold shower. It feels like you get the most stressful part of your day out of the way.


Is that like the Wilmhof method?


You’ve got a ton of good tips. Whilst they’re awesome. I have 2 secret sauces then get me going for hours when all else fails:

  1. Modafinil
  2. Phenylpiracetam

++ Alpha GPC to supplement and increase the effect
++ Aniracetam if you need to be social

I cycle modafinil and phenylpiracetam on different days as you shouldn’t have more than 3 days on one or the other, need to give your body a break :smiley: I’ve read someone had big problems with Modafinil. The trick is to combine it with Alpha GPC (It eliminates headaches) and to remind yourself to stay hydrated, eat at the right times. Most importantly, don’t take it any later than 14h before bed time. Trust me. :smiley:

Next project:

  • Microdosing LSD (been the craze in Silicon Valley)
  • Microdosing Mushrooms (Supposed to be less strong compared to LSD but still give you a huge mood boster)

Ultimate blow your socks experience project:

Ayahuasca (been thinking about it but this shit is scary af :smiley: )


I am a fan of modafinil if proper used. Since it is not a hard drug it is important to listen to your body a lot when you take it, otherwise you won’t get anything good out of it.


Ayahuasca is next on my list after I moved up the psychedelic ladder from MD to Shrooms to LSD. I am excited for you because It is amazing how positively life changing these experiences can be!

Please delete if we are not allowed to speak about this here.


Adderall turns my brain into Bradley Cooper in Limitless mode lol. It’s weird because I don’t always feel the want to take it but it’s incredible the difference it makes.


Any recommended brands/stores for Alpha GPC and Aniracetam? As those seem to be the easiest to acquire :joy: I would ask about Modafinil but that becomes a different topic of conversation :no_mouth:


I used to buy everything online. In UK - there’s a place called thought food, I don’t know if they’re still around tho…

Dream market was awesome but recently got taken down :frowning:

Just keep in mind, Alpha GPC is not a standalone booster. It’s a supplement to make modafinil or other nootropics to work better. On it’s own, you won’t feel much… Same for aniracetam, if you take it for a week +, you’ll have better memory and be happier but it’s not like coffee or matcha tea where you get instant boost. That’s where phenyl and moda come in…

There are other nootropics too that work for some, I personally tried noopept too which had 0 effects on me sadly.

As for adderall it’s pretty much legal speed, so not my cup of tea :smiley:

P.s. if someone knows a good dream market alternative, let me know! Need to shop around for my projects :smiley: :smiley:


Thank you! Highly looking into it all, love experimenting with things like this.

For the US I don’t trust too many “websites” or to know if you’re actually getting the real deal lol.


If it’s your first time, then yea. You could get tricked. But if you are familiar with the effect, you won’t be tricked :smiley:


Not at the same time. Either one or the other does the trick for me. 30 mg doses are optimal for me and last ALL day.

Lol that’s exactly how it makes me feel and exactly why I take it sometimes haha.


can’t speak for things other than coffee and green tea but what improves workouts for me is taking a caffeine tablet before a run :slight_smile:

Be careful with caffeine tablet though because if you take too many you will only get jitters and the side effects are worse.


Saw a small part of this video in another motivational video when my playlist just kept running in the background. Maybe someone can confirm what he’s talking about :smiley: