STAY AWAKE - Cognitive Enhancers/ Bio Hacking/ BulletProof Coffee


Intermittent fasting, not eating during the most intense work hours in general. Makes a huge difference. Weird how no one has mentioned this yet :grin:


Intermittent fasting is HUGE for me. 16 hours a day then a 24 hour once a week.

478 Breathing Method
Box Breathing Method

High Intensity Training + basis strength lifts
Yoga - 5 times a week

Stay away from processed foods

Sleep. Cannot stress sleep enough.

Recovery - big one if you are training. I use to monitor sleep and recovery

I can go on and on.


I’m trying Modafinil for the first time in my life right now lol

What a timing.

Other than that, caffeine and L-theanine combo is pretty great


You can try L-tyrosine too. I took it for like 3 days straight and in the 3rd day it felt like I was on a very very clean MDMA high with crazy concentration. Literally felt like limitless.

Took it for. Couple of days after that and started to get irritable, angry and a little depressed. I stopped taking it and was fine after 1-2 days. It may have happened because I didn’t take 1:10 ratio of 5-htp with it (I also didn’t cycle it).


Did you grow a bionic arm yet?


if is literally insane for focus/clarity

at a certain extent i start to lose focus due to the hunger on some days but normally i can push through

sometimes i just completely forget to eat for hours because how focused i am on tasks


micro dosing kratom for focus/energy?

all ive ever known is my slavic friends abusing it as a social drug kinda for some reason

and ive heard of the withdrawals being horrid


as my father always said “nothing good happens after 12” really in all aspects of my life ive noticed this either you are wasting time or getting in trouble


How is that working out for you?

I have ordered some today :slightly_smiling_face:


Was interesting for sure.

I think the best I could explain it is that it ‘blocks’ tiredness and impulse decisions like checking social media etc. It doesn’t give you energy per se, I didn’t feel anything that I would consider ‘immense focus’ but I just didn’t get tired or distracted for a good 6 to 8 hours. Also didn’t get hungry until that. Then after having food and socialising a bit I felt like I could easily go back to work to continue.

I should have taken it earlier in the day though, couldn’t really sleep the next night and it fucked up my sleep rhythm a bit because of that. (took it at noon)

I probably wouldn’t take it daily since it was a bit unnatural for me but I could see myself taking some every now and then to finish a project etc.


"energy + focus"

Caffeine + L-Theanine
Ritalin (reverse effect next day +++) (hepatotoxicity +++)
Modafinil (reverse effect next day ++) (hepatotoxicity +++)
Armodafinil (reverse effect next day +) (hepatotoxicity +)

just "focus"

Racetams (pira, ani, oxi, prami, color)


I keep it stupid simple : diet and good sleep.


My order for Taurine came in a couple of days ago, highly recommend it!


damn – i’m reading this and shaking my head. Back when I was coding mine was 3 pots of coffee a day --not kidding. now with dentures I can simply bleach those puppies and can’t tell anymore but my god my teeth were the colors bananas


I used to be addicted to the Ultra Sunrise Monster drinks. Soooo damn good and I think there’s 200 mg of caffeine


How about going outside for a run? I’ve found that running in the morning makes me super alert for the rest of the day


if I drink a coffe + a coffeine pill I go crazy

Also, the less I eat the better I feel generally, so I tend to forget to eat when working cause its so annoying


having tried almost everything out there the best results i got where from taking muscletech sx7 pre but i finally realized it was causing me to have pretty bad acne, my speculation was the artificial sugar it contained, sucralose. Anyways now i drink about 16oz of coffee a day. I never really liked caffeine pills unless i was at school studying for more than 5hrs calculus or if i was on my way to play poker. Only tried before working out a handful of times and didnt like it.


idk, drinking coffe doesnt do it for me, I need to combine it with a pill

however, its not good for thinking, its better to do tasks focused for a long time when doing that, at least thats what I think


Have you tried Ashwaghanda yet? You can get them at GNC they help with cognitive and give you energy. Personally didn’t do too much for me and I tried different brands/dosages.