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Yay. Started my first day with intermitted fasting :muscle:
I always felt most focused and active before the meals.

Any tips? I start with 16/8. So 16 hours without eating.


Drinking a alot helps, wether its water or coffee it doesn’t matter, just try to drink a lot. (Coffee is a appetite supressant.)


When doing intermitted fasting properly you are not allowed to drink anything else then pure water during the fasting period.
The idea is that even coffee and tea etc have certain enzymes in it that trigger chemical reactions in your body and you want no digestion at all as long as possible at least in your stomach (digestion in your guts will of course happen all the time even if you are only eating once a day aka warrior diet (my favourite)).

They are definitely not good for you and can have negative permanent psychological effects. You should definitely not take them for a longer period of time (10 years wtf?). For learning for an exam that is super important for the use can justifiable IMO, but you should always be aware that even short term usage can lead to permanent side effects.


Im drinking Iced Americano the whole day. Works great.

Have read about the warrior diet but that’s just too much for my taste for now. Do you did that for weight reasons or others? Because I don’t need to loose weight, I should better get some more grams on me :nerd_face:

:muscle: :heart:


It’s fine to drink black coffee during intermittent fasting. The act of fasting doesn’t lose weight itself, it just reduces the time left in the day to fit in the calories, making it harder to over indulge.



Intermittent fasting is not only about loosing weight but also cleaning the body. The idea is to give the body time to get rid of toxic stuff without having to cope with any other digestion etc.

I think they were also mentioning it in Joe Rogans podcast: Why you should do Intermittent Fasting | Joe Rogan feat. GSP, Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Rhonda Patrick


I personally struggle with energy due to a variety of different reasons. However, I remember when I first started getting more interested in entrepreneurship- I used to be on my laptop in my bed until 11:00 PM reading articles, etc. Basically, real passion and interest seems to be the best energy enhancer in my experience.


How long can you use the warrior diet for? It’s a 3 week cycle isn’t it? @Phago


I’ve done lots of research and experimented with tons of different diets over the years from Paleo to warrior diet, to zero carb and intermittent fasting.

At first I felt good on all of these but after some time you will crash.

The reason for this is that often on these diet where you leave out carbs or skip meals, your body fires up adrenaline and cortisol which gives you a high and a feeling like you can take over the world but it won’t last and it will burn you out sooner or later.

Thanks to god I found Ray Peat, a brilliant researcher who stresses the importance of consuming adequate sugar and carbs and restoring the metabolism for youthful health. Check him out, he is quite low profile though. And don’t judge him by the misunderstood posts people have of him out there.


Theoretically forever or as long as you are strong as warrior :upside_down_face:


regular fitness/excercise, try reducing sugar intake (also called) Keto diet

-> coffe, getting enough sleep, plenty of water
annnnd modafinil :smiley: :smiley:


Once I spent 24 hours straight coding my selenium bot on adderall.


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