STAY AWAKE - Cognitive Enhancers/ Bio Hacking/ BulletProof Coffee


No honestly I am quite turned off of using a lot of that kind of stuff, after I had a bad reaction to modafinil. I became paranoid as fuck. However if that’s from GNC it seems like something natural so I could give it a try I guess


Yes! A lot of people swear by it it’s an India remedy and has a lot of research behind it.
I’m a certified PT and consistent gym goer lmk if you have any more questions!


1.Hawaiian Punch Singles To Go Powder packets +

  1. 200 mg jet alert caffiene pill –
    cold water – shake and wait 30 seconds
    it on baby! :slight_smile:


Ashwaghanda is great! It’s like natural xannax :stuck_out_tongue:


I hit two flies with the wim hof breathing methods in the morning. I wake up my whole body and my mind with the breathing, and the i can safely enter the cold shower without any pain or discomfort of cold water.


I’ve tried many things. Nothing like modafinil. Game changer when used correctly.


How would you use it correctly? What’s been working for you?


How would you use it correctly? What’s been working for you?


Light calisthenics, journaling and meditation in the morning. Best motivators out there for me


I am also on the side of the organic things. I think it is not a great idea to mess around with you bio system on the longterm.


200mg on an empty stomach worked best for me. It’s different for everyone else, you just gotta experiment a little bit.
I’d recommend trying 100mg, or even 50mg if you’re sensitive to these kinds of things with your breakfast and change the dosis accordingly.


I second this. After I shower, eat and drink some espresso shots I do my dishes and it’s the dishes that propels the rest of my day. I notice when I don’t do the dishes I still work but it’s not as productive as work.


My JV and I take half a pill on heavy workload days. Equals 100mg. It truly is a game changer. I do get edgy on it if I take it consistently so I rotate them with the days I’m not trying to grind it out and doing mostly R&D and upkeep.


This is by far the most underrated technique in this thread :sweat_smile: lead with the body and the mind will follow.


Gym/exercise and coffee. People use these thousands of years.


Just ordered some modafinil from eufinil, anyone from Europe has experience with that provider?
They claim to sell sun-pharma modafinil which would be great because I have had that in the past.


Thats the stuff that apparently makes you work harder/smarter right?
For all my meds that I can’t get from my healthcare I use unitedpharmacies.


As a med student i say it’s foolish using them, u can’t know if you’re on of those 1-3% in the population that will get the negative effects of what you’re using in the long-term.

Plus most of you here don’t work hard for 2 months a year and then just cruise along like students do, so i suppose you want to use them long term with some intervals, few days off and on, set in place by some guy on the internet that didn’t run checks on you to see if that’s healthy for you or not.

Jeff Bezos doesn’t use an alarm in the morning, which is huge, he’s not messing up his REM sleep, so that +coffee/exercise will 100% get you successfully through the day, if Bezos can do it with everything he’s got on his shoulders, so can you :muscle:t3:

Get some intermittent fasting in there, cold showers etc, most of you have no idea how those smart drugs could affect you.

Just my 2 cents to keep you safe :ok_hand:t3:


Running and doing something else than sitting at my desk for 12 hours a day.
You have to get away and clear your mind.
Helps you focus the next day.


My dad and his friend bave been on them for 10 years (mods). They both have mood-swing problems and are never happy anymore. I believe it also destroys your natural focus, would definitely not recommend as the drug simply hasn’t been studied enough.