Storytelling is the key to high performing content

First and foremost, use storytelling in your content. People love storytelling and high-quality photos!

When it comes to content it is proven that photos perform over 50% better than videos, and will gain the most likes, but videos will get the most comments

When it comes to choosing the right color for your Instagram feed?

If your target followers are women?
You should stick to Blue, Purple, and Green. Never use Orange, Brown, and Grey

If your target audience is Men?
Pick Blue, Green, and Black never use Brown, Orange, Purple

If you want to target both men and women you should stick to blue, because blue is the most attracting color on Instagram for both men and women

Instagram is an online magazine, therefore, it is alfa omega that your feed has a clear theme in a specific niche and you utilizing storytelling in your content :slight_smile:

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Do you have statistics to back this up?

This post shows negligible difference in accounts with/without story highlights:


You’ve touched on some good points. What I would add to your list is that one’s captions should prompt a response from the viewer. Always ask questions, or ask for involvement. Further, make sure you draw people in with the first few words of your caption - the words they see before clicking ‘see more’. Most importantly; quality over quantity, always. You won’t need to say or ask much if you have world-class content which doesn’t have a single smudge or distortion. If you’re posting a video, make sure that the audio is optimized for mobile.

You can create a preset filter easily with Lightroom and edit on Snapseed.

I agree, it’s a positive difference but minimal at best.

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