Strategy with repin other pins, does it work?

I read on BHW one strategy:
Just take some popular on Pinterest images with tens or hundreds of thousands repins, add those images to your website and pin them. You need very big amount of images - it is better to have thousands. Only one pin from 100-500 pins became popular and you never know witch one will get viral effect so you need to be patience and pin a lot.

So if I correctly understand. I add other popular pins in my website and repin them, so they will be like my pins from my website?

Yes, but you really need a lot of accounts and be really patient for this to work.

Other wise you might want to check this other strategy: Getting Traffic from Pinterest with Mass Planner

I read it, but I think follow method not working now. And problem is images. Maybe with pics in fashion niche I can use it, but in fitness niche, where are a lot infographic it will be hard to add other pins to my website.

Because pinterest not allowed to steal pics from other.