Stuck Confirming Ig account

I am stuck confirming my ig account. I verify it with my phone number, i get the code insert it , then when trying to change password i am getting Sorry there was a problem Try again. This goes one for 2 days.

Log off this account from everywhere and try to verify it again from Google Chrome or any browser.

I had it only in jarvee i do not keep it logged in many devices. I tried verifying through jarvee and i had the same issue then i did it with my phone and still the same.

yes delete the account from jarvee and your phone and then try from your laptop browser like google chrome, it should work fine.

I reset device IDs in jarvee but i had the same problem

Are you even reading my replies, i’m really trying to help you, but alright forget about it !

Hey thank you for trying to help will try it from my brother’s pc right now give me a moment pls

I just did it but still the same. Look i really appreciate your help but i have tried previously logging from chrome, and also the account is not logged in my phone and not in any other device but the problem still persists. This is what happens with the phone verification. And when i try to verify it through the email it always gives me that the code i inserted is not correct.

have you tried giving it a rest first before trying to login again OR did you continuously attempt to verify for 2 days straight?

well i can say i tried 2-3 times a day previously. Last time was yesterday late evening. I will give it a shot tomorrow maybe. Let’s see if this works

yes, try to stop with the login attempts first and see how it goes.

as long as you keep trying every day the issue will persist, I had few accounts with the same issue but I forgot them for days, when i log in again the issues were all solved i did not do nothing.

I tried today and i get Sorry there was an error Try again later. Should i wait 3-4 days ?

Do you and your brother share the same iP? if yes, try resetting the account password using a different IP, see if it works.

I got a mobile phone which i use as a 4g proxy in jarvee and also my personal phone, same operator same location the account has been working with that proxy for approximately 3 months. This verification leads me to a page where it asks to change password i tried a couple of different passwords with high low case letters, numbers and symbols but still the same.

I see, I would try to reset password using another proxy that has a different location or VPN. This method used to work for account with the “help us confirm that you own this account” issue. It might still work in your case.

yeah, that would be my recommendation for now , give the account few days rest without trying anything and see how it goes after that.

And again after waiting for all this time i have the same issue.

I tried with different phones but and also with VPN but still the same situation.

This is crazy

yeah that’s unfortunate, but you must keep trying until you find the exact issue, it could be IP’s or devices that you tried from or something else.

I will wait a couple of days and I am going to try from another pc from a different location. I really hope it works…