[Study] How much TIME we spend on social media on average?

Hello, MPSocial

I want to write an article for my website in which I want to point out to businesses how much audience they can miss if they do not use Social Media for marketing purposes. In my adventure for finding those numbers I’ve been hit with answers like “Why don’t you use facebook global stats” and similar ones, but this is a different way of seeing things.

I only need one specific statistics from your facebook and Instagram accounts which is “When your fans are online” from Facebook and “Followers”/days from Instagram.

I want the study to be an accurate one therefore I won’t write the article without having at least 10 pages with +10 mil followers as samples for the study. Everyone who wants to contribute will be credited in the article. The material will be free and educative. No funnel stuff, no pay to read.

I will attach examples of the menus I want for you to have an idea. If you want to contribute you can either attach the images here along with the name of your pages or you can send them to me on private. That would be very much appreciated!

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very quick answer

way too much.


what you mean?

never mind. I read again. Well, we already know that, but you know people are thirsty for statistics and to read whatever stuff they find interesting and I would like to use those stats to help both mpsocial community and the people who will read it.

Wait, so you mean how much TIME we spend, not MONEY, right? Because from the title one could think you are referring to money, but from the resources you ask it looks like you are interested in time spent


I am interested in the time spent by the audience of the pages you guys manage. Considering that I can get the stats I want to show to entrepreneurs and business owners why they should really consider using social media and why they should start investing in it while it is still cheap.

There’s a chapter in thank you economy where Gary vee dedicated to convincing brands to jump on social media.

I listened to the audiobook so I don’t remember the number exactly. I think it was chapter 5.

Regardless, think of it as the company’s loss if they are not where the attention is. Pretty straightforward.

I also thought this thread was about time…

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Fixed the title :smiley:

So far I got infor from 13 pages in Romania with a total of 793k followers.

I want to get at least 2 mil, but by doing a cold math, the 142 minutes spent on average from the previous study are nowhere close to what I found in the fb stats “When your fans are online” assuming the stats work fine.

Current times are well over 6 hours spent by at least 70% of the audience of a page.

Time IS money :slight_smile:
When someone spends time on something they eventually also spend money on it, that’s how it’s designed

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