Sudden Ban on Pinterest

One of my 6 months account got banned suddenly banned. The only thing I did was repinning other stuff since weeks. I followed the group board rules, the account shared its proxy with 2 other accounts and didn’t do anything that I don’t do with my other accounts.

I didn’t change anything, but my account still got suspended. I also tried to “let them know” that they made a mistake, but after clicking on the link I got the message:

“Thanks for letting us know”

I couldn’t even explain anything or give further information. :confused:

The account was about 6 months old and had around 25 boards. I repinned about 95 pins per day, but I heard other people pin several hundreds, so that can’t be the problem, considering that my other accounts repin also that often.

Do you know what the reason could be?

Couple of reasons:

  • Repinning a lot of pins from one domain or one account
  • Repining content that users didn’t like so they were reporting you
  • Obvious automated behavior - account working 24/7
  • 90+ pins is a lot. Some users get away with it some don’t

Regarding unbanning, you can try with appeal again, go here:
In field “What do you need help with” choose “Getting into my account” and in “Tell us more field” choose “Appeal account suspension”

Now, scroll down and click “I Still Need Help” button. The form will show up on right side.
Fill it, say something like:

“I have no idea why you banned my account, please unblock it, all I was doing is pinning useful content to relevant boards!”

Fill your name, email and username below, and submit it.

You’ll get email from them, it usually takes day or two.


Yeah just appeal account suspension ,
I got mine back week after that.

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