Sudden Drop in reach

Hey guys, I am currently managing an account with around 10K followers. The rate of reach growing way lower than usual for today. Did this kind of situation happened to you before?

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Might be shadowbanned

I think one of the reasons may be forthcoming new year holidays
People are busy with preparation and celebration, that’s why they spend less time watching IG, IMO

holidays…need any other reason?


Not yet holidays in my region

how many of your followers are from countries about to start a new calendar year?


I’m experiencing a reach drop since october.

i have a 100k account, not so active, and I have 500 likes. This is frustrating.

My contents are quite good, I think. But Instagram is “punishing” my for some reasons:

  • I was not so active in the past (didn’t posted anything for like 4 months)
  • In the past I used Telegram rounds and also fake Likes to boost my engagement
  • I made many mistakes while doing follow/unfollow, like following users not in target that contributed to keep my ER low

Now i’m trying to f/u account in target, but I don’t see any improvement.

Should I create a new account and strat from zero?
This is really frustrating.

What ya expect if you did not post for 4 months ? Go back to posting and in 6 weeks you will know. Your off the radar of the feed and got to get back back in


Experienced a drop in engagement yesterday. Last time I posted was 5 days ago and I decided to post yesterday and was shocked by the drop in engagement. It went from 7K likes to 1K likes.

One of my other accounts is experiencing that too.

Posted again a few hours ago and looks like it isn’t getting any better

Edit: Added some stuff

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I started posting 4-5 time a week since 2 weeks, do you think I’ll see some good results soon?

Because What it seems to me is that my ER is going down. 3 weeks ago was 700, 2 weeks 500, now 300.

And I’m posting a lot, sometimes even 2 posts per day.

2 a day is not a lot. ER went down for everyone right now deeply. Just keep on posting


Unfortunately I have a music account (I am a musician) and I can’t repost pictures from other accounts, so the best I can do is 2 post a day or just one post per day.

I hope it will get better.

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There is something with this feed and I can’t seem explain it. I gotta feeling I can use it to my advantage but something is missing. Kinda like a feeling I can defeat it big time. It’s in my gut…just something not revealed yet.


On YouTube there is a term called “view velocity” which is the speed at which views accumulate after a new video is published. When videos have a high view velocity, the YouTube algorithm promotes the video more, leading to more views. This is why so many YouTube creators tell people to “turn on my notifications by hitting the bell icon.”

Could Instagram have something like this in place? Maybe “engagement velocity” but from followers (to counter engagement groups/powerlikes).


They already do. New feed ignores it.

i have an account which has 25k followers now and get only 100 or less likes per post…

i’m posting regularly from past 3 months on this account but still no increase in reach

i was getting 400-500 likes when it was 10-15k followers

i think it’s shadow banned or something is def wrong. i think it’s because of f/u

if i post 2-3 posts a day i still get the same likes 100 or less for each post and even when i post 1 post in 2-3 days i get same likes and reach is also very less

i get around 1.5k story views but it’s still very less…

dont know whats wrong…

i think ig is penalizing accounts doing f/u

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How much has your ER dropped?

70 percent average. My biggest only 50 percent

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Thank you again for your advice, Albert.
May I ask you: when the current posts are getting less likes than usual (lets say now in January: 300 likes and in November: 1,000 likes), would you just leave the newest post (300 likes) in the gallery or would you say we should delete those poor-performers?

Thank you for your advice, always highly appreciated :smiley:

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leave it. within 2-3 days it goes up to almost normal levels-- still down but some reason it picks back up 2-3 day for that post. This new weird feed has likes coming really slow-- as if a very small percentage actually see it, than the masses see it later. I notice – on my accounts that it changed to order of the feed – that is accounts ones I re liked most often come up first – often 2 or 3 at a time, even days old back to back – after that is the newer post from ones I like once in awhile. A analogy is a store –
before, the shelves had walking from front to back items all lined up – mixed. Walk the aisle and select favorites.
now the new scedule is all my fav accounts right there in the first 20 percent of the front, the remaining 80 percent after that – casually scan the rest. I think the delayed reaction to these late likes is insta feeds us what we love first – after that, if we say switch accounts on the phone and scan and like those and go back to the same account – those posts from other accounts show up now as before. Also I noticed not all the accounts follow show up until wayyyyyyy later – if at all, same as facebook. that means notifications must be on to see accounts we just follow but never engage with. This is a new type of feed –

this kinda explains to me why highly commented posts in the first 10-15 still are snails in likes right now. This view will change as I study this