Sudden Drop in reach


Only 5k of my 52k followers saw my last post. Something is definitely up.


how many likes?


2-3k on most posts. Most recent did really well, coming close to 6k and 110 comments. This is a personal account, mostly travel/dog photos.


If new feed means that if followers do not like any posts of an account it might not show
anymore on their feed just like Facebook. I hope it is not the case because it will reach even less. I hope this is not the case and scared of it


I just saw my stats for today- promising, most accounts ER up by half a point and some are have gains – ones that have been losing – to early to tell if it is going back near normal as it was in novermber… lets hope it does.


Yeah my stats are a bit better too. Still my ER is low, but I see an improvement both in likes and story views.


I don’t know guys, i think IG is starting to do the same thing that happened to Facebook, it is not delivering our content and if you want it, you need to pay, cause i have 80 clients and i’m seeing a difference in the engagement in almost all of than. So i think that Instagram is going to be more an more difficult to grow. At leats i can sell more automations for more people :joy::joy:

ER down 50%+ on 300K account?

Yup I agree with that.
My engagement dropped by 80% and most of my clients’ as well…
It really sucks :no_mouth: