Suffering from new kind of block

After that action block thing, Instagram is continuously notifying me for changing my password.
This thing is happening almost with all my accounts.
This is 6th time that all my accounts are suffering from this block I am tired of this thing.
I thought this is happening just because of my proxies But than the same thing happened with accounts which are on lane proxy of my home.
I am tired of changing the password again and again.
Any suggestion??

Use the search, already many topics regarding AC


Tons of threads explaining this block, read through them and you shall find your answer :slight_smile:

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Rest the account for 48hours to a week. Then do manual actions for a few days or so. Then start up with warm up settings and 4G proxy.

How many accounts? I would rest them for a few days, then start from scratch, are only slaves or customers accounts?

reading is key, another lazy user

I’m not a lazy user and read a lot here everyday !
Still, I keep getting a lot of ACs and still tired of it… I did not find the solution for my accs :frowning:

P.S.: but I’m agree that it is not a reason to create a new thread each time