Account Compromised & 7 Day Block w/ Client Management

This is getting a bit ridiculous. It’s totally random to which accounts are effected and seems Instagram doesn’t even know why some accounts get blocks and some don’t. About 10% of my accounts get account compromised. And a lot are now just skipping compromised messages and getting hard 7 day blocks. Both these messages are very aggressive.

Getting upset clients and cancels. What should we do to maintain our client’s trust?

Instagram is all over the place. I’ve been diversifying into another project as backup thankfully. Just going a bit slower though.

I use 4g proxies, previously used API and then switched to EB if got action block. I have now switched to EB fully, but now running into some temp blocks. For accounts that get AC, I’ll change password, reset device ID, rewarm up, and use EB.

Also will tell clients to limit use for the times I work.

What do you guys think?


Have larger thoughts here but how long are you waiting before you restart a client account post AC?

I just started getting them Friday. I would say 48 hours I’m going to start with.

I’m thinking. Maybe proxies are a bigger problem then we think? I wonder how trying to bot on those xfinitywifi hotspots would be. Or public wifi spots.

Getting 7 day blocks after 48 hours rest I’m thinking at least 7 days up to 30.

48 hours will lead to a 7 day block

All of this is being discussed in another topic please use the search function before starting new ones.

Start doing manual actions for your clients for now

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And if you have thousands of accounts?

if i have thousands of account it will take me max 2-3 week and my team will be managing all accounts perfectly , doing manual actions daily (Following limits)

Oh sorry, I saw where are you from. Yes, in your country you can use the power of people to do that :slight_smile:

yes thats right

There is no much more you can do, it looks like you tried all. Its normal to lose clients and their trust now when botting is hard and people get blocks they are scared to lose accounts, so you better not push it too hard.

What follow limits have you seen completely manually?

Ive been fine going off on:

Follows: 300
Unfollows: 300 (but spread throughout the day)
Likes: 200

Im sure you could push these harder if you wanted as well.

200 follow, 200 unfollow 400 likes, 100-150 comments, i havent checked for dm , you can do more maybe but we still try to follow limits

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one more thing we were also able to do more than 8500 follow per month on one account so i think you can do more than 6000 follow per month manually

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Just got slapped with around 5 Account Compromised notifications this morning. First time my clients have had these. All clients were on 4G Proxies with safe settings. Using EB.

Got 1 as well. Account using EB only

So a personal account of mine almost 100k followers got account compromised and 7 day block which ended yesterday. I turned it back on after the block expired only unfollowing and was no issue. I then turned on the Story Viewer and Instantly received the Account Compromised notice. Not sure what to make of it but it’s a data point nonetheless.