Suggested hashtags and analysis

Goodmorning everyone. Do you know any relatively inexpensive tools that allow me to have suggested hashtags and analysis of them? I need to help me choose the best hashtags for my posts.

This should help: [METHOD] Simple away find good hashtags and organize them! Spoonfed 🔥

Thank you man

also there is a tool within JV itself

I’ll second this. In jarvee you’ll be to find similar accounts too! And then use a page like igaudit to filter out the bad from the good ones.

Enjoy mate! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t find any hashtags suggestion in jarvee? Can you please tell where it is

Me too, that button just disappeared

Not surprising, as the function hasn’t been working for some time. AFAIK suggested/relevant hashtags stopped being doable…so I would assume the button was removed so people don’t just write support complaining it doesn’t work.

They did this with a few other features they don’t want or can’t fix. Such as being able to change passwords via the API

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