Supporting the Funniest Account - Who is in?


put in another 98ct and we have an additional child account :slight_smile:


Gonna cost me a little more than that but will do :wink:


…well, yes, I am jealous.


Alright, I like this and his content is amazing, so I will give you guys some help :wink:


Is this a recent post because I’ve not seen any comments yet


Yeah, it is. In fact its the newest one:


Oh lawd. This guy really is prolific.

I gotta know, which one of you is “bazookas of peace”? Lol


Giovanni is slowly getting on traction…

Still curious when the magic of the slaves will fully kick in…


He should be posting his “coffee” morning pic soon, I am guessing its coffee in the morning and “Jack Daniels” in the afternoon :grinning:


Or Jacky D only for wednesday. Is 6am in NYC now, isn’t it? So we allow him two more hours to go to his favorite coffee shop :slight_smile:


He is having his morning coffee :slight_smile:


If you look through his pics he put some effort into wearing different clothes or combinations everyday… straight up playa!


Yeah and he states that he is all doing it for the girls…


Somebody pushed some likes … 1,540


Yeah the stone is rolling on and on… this time was not me :slight_smile:


The guy posts a lot, I just put him on 20-40 per post up to 7 posts per day.


thank you @wortime
We actually need to better coordinate that (he is a hard nut to crack). A lot to learn for me as a beginner, as I so far was only growing accounts. One of the best case studies for me so far…


The child account is easy, it’s the targeting for the child account thats more difficult. It’s not like this guy has a niche. Humans of NY maybe, or some weid coffee lovers page. Maybe the Jerky Boys? I dunno, thats the semi interesting part. It’s a good learning experience for everyone. Someone really went after it with Boobs accounts though with the comments etc. Really kind of funny TBH


Learning experience yes. Think I just found a way to get an instaban.

Liked the last ten posts for two days and got a small account instantly banned.
The number or speed was not the issue but the qty of likes given to one user from a data centre proxy. Never seen a user that posts so much so never saw the problem before.

Today our friend has one less follower


So a child account doesn’t need to, and probably shouldn’t follow the mother account. You will eventually link via a DM or post shout out, but I don’t think liking his posts was the issue.