Supporting the Funniest Account - Who is in?


You mean banned like “disabled” or PV? When I was doing my first “like-experiments” I got several PVs because I over did it. But no bans…


For me datacenter proxies and using Jarvee Post got me banned over and over… since mobile no issues. Never got banned for liking.


Sudden ban. No blocks, no Pv no ev. Just ban.

V surprised as I’ve not seen anything so sudden before. I’ll share details in a separate thread.


I set something up nice for him - should keep it nice and steady as well.

Let’s see what I can do for this coffee loving weirdo.


Uuuh man, this is your work?

1124 likes is “insane mode” :slight_smile:


damn you get the setup, good work :)))))

Whoa somebody really stepping it up… 4,784 likes :rofl:



Where is @wortime ??? Time to open the beer cans. Hell ya!!!


Since I live in NYC I should go to one of his frequent coffeeshops and get some quality photos of him for this :sunglasses:


Someone gonna give giovanni a heart attack… lol



Yeah, thats a bit much, we need to dial that back a little bit


Pretty sure I found the diner where he’s drinking his coffee, used to live in that exact neighborhood only a few blocks away… might have to be super creepy one day and stroll on by around the time he posts, since it’s a daily routine.

Nope, not creepy at all.


Take photos of him taking photos of himself


Then ask for some of the Jack Daniels


Make sure you call him raunchy bastard as you walk by he uses that term often to refer to himself :+1: :sunglasses:


I might just stand in front of the place with a big sign quoting his best captions.

Great plan


lmao this is hilarious


Okay this guy clearly doesn’t know how Insta works, right? About 80% of his follows are model/female accounts, so I think he believes that his posts reach those accounts. So the real challenge would be to get one of those accounts to comment on his pics :smile: Anyone up for the challenge?


Anybody else wondering why Giovanni doesn’t react at all on the recent activity on his account?


getting 4000 likes , ehhh it’s all normal .


well maybe he doesn’t know how to use IG or he is proud of being a “raunchy bastard”. Anyhow… someone from the forum is about to visit him in the coffee shop. Hope he will actually do it and bring some light into the whole thing.


We will see. But let’s take the note that Giovanni is maybe just a mpsocial member. I love your profile image btw have to try that too^^