Supporting the Funniest Account - Who is in?


Hello people!

Now the chance has come to BEAT THE STUPID EGG and give love to lonesome Giovanni.

See the details here:

So, who of you is contributing to making the magic work and start the viral wave?

@wortime suggested to dedicate 1 slave account and give 10 likes a day e.g. through LE (–> see @wortime clarification below). The first stones are already thrown in the water (see the likes on his latest posts). Now it is time to organise ourselves as a tribe.

  • Yes, I have dedicated one CHILD ACCOUNT
  • Naah, I find this stupid

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Let’s make this big, let’s see the true potential of Social Media for ourselves, let’s have fun!!!

Vamonos Juntos!


I’m in. I think this is awesome. Nice work!


Already in let’s make this happen!! This guy is gonna be like WTF, he has only been avg 1 like per post on his 9000 posts this will be fun!


yesterday: 1 digit likes
today: triple digit likes
tomorrow: 1234 or 12345


One cup of coffee, 20 posts, this guy is serious value.
Influencers of IG watch and learn.


What kind of person posts that many pictures of themselves drinking coffee :joy::joy: I’m in


Persistence is key. Let’s prove him right :star_struck:


Just to clarify, I am dedicating 1 account in the spirit of a mother slave setup. The likes will come from the LE in my case.


For shits and giggles I’m in.


corrected above. Thanks for the clarification.


Sorry I ment to click yes on your poll, will direct message people :joy:


Cool… so we attack from all sides :+1:


I’m in too!
Such a good idea, this will be so funny :v:


Not trying to ruin this but I don’t think a lot of people will follow the guy if he posts a ton of pictures which are identical every day :wink: People will unfollow for that reason.


People followed an egg


Which didn’t spam their feed daily :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


people like stupidity and time wasters .


Well you might be right and you probably are… BUT what a surprise would that be if even the impossible becomes possible. So many crazy things going on in this world. This could be the next thing…

Last but not least… It is also an experiment in how far this forum can build a tribe (even if it is just for fun).


It’s an easy experiment and one that won’t take much time. I guess we will find out soon enough.


I agree, I think it’s a fun idea :smiley: Just throwing in my 2 cents