Supporting the Funniest Account - Who is in?


How is this for a niche account?


Just found my next batch of profile pics :wink:


:joy::joy: crying


Bonus points, shop out the coffee and swap in them holding whatever code Instagram sends you to verify your profile.


Just an update on the Raunchy Bastard (in case any of you forgot…):

Giovanni now is interacting with his followers. He actually gave a like on one of his follower’s comments. And even better he followed his fan.


Today it’s on Gangsta mode lol
why did he put the link to yahoo? he’s planning to cloaking :sweat_smile:


Seems like air is getting thinner for “raunchy bastard”. Competition is up - Winter is coming:


I honestly followed this guy for some weeks but overtime its just too… ranchy :sweat_smile:


Before this thread finally dies…

Just out of pure luck I have found out that the “RAUNCHY BASTARD” is actually a plumber.

Wouldn’t it make sense then to target the child/slave accounts to plumbers and addressing it in a way like “coolest plumber of NYC” follow the dude?

P.S. just an idea in my sick membrane


I’m super jealous. He took a half decent pic and is in San Juan Puerto Rico, no doubt to get some of that awesome coffee.


I have high hopes of you guys making this guy go viral. Especially with you behind this. Don’t tell me you guys are giving up on this guy already… I have faith in your abilities!!!


He’s lost followers. Nice job boys haha.


He is a hard nut to crack. But look at his “progress”…
My slave account was blocked (made a mistake when changing the bio). Got it back and will now try with targeting plumbers.

In the end he is a perfect show case of the worst “mother account” you could support. Anyone who finds a way to grow him is a master of his art. Nobody said it would be easy…


It’s like herding cats, but each cat has a different idea of how to contribute to an open book, group project that’s not mandatory.


He seems like the kind of guy people target for follow and unfollow. That’s why he follows so many accounts of random Instagram “models”.

So now they’ve all unfollowed him or will.


The lady’s he is talking too are the model pages he follows, the raunchy bastard will be posting till his dying day before he gets laid from his account. There are lots of prostitutes on IG we could pitch in and get him one to have some coffee and fun :slight_smile:


That it is a cool idea. :+1: So now we are approaching him from at least three sides.

  • wortime --> people of NYC
  • instadog --> butterflies
  • larsometer --> plumbers (have tried stop motion artists before but did not work)

Once the picture is clear what niche/targeting works we just need to make the very big step of doing a joint approach. Even cats can be directed into one direction when they are hungry and you got the food bucket.