Supporting the Funniest Account - Who is in?


Aaah cool… I’m loving this experiment every day a little bit more because I learn so much from it. So for me also time to try other social media channels… Will try with Pinterest. It is a rather new thing for me… but now I give it a go. As for the child I will try gangster rappers of NYC :grinning:


OK, this is turning into a learning experience now, good for us ‘basic’ members to learn something.

What is the nice for an old guy who only follows ladies in panty-hoes (tights for the europeans)?


That was my goal, plus we all collaborate on how to go viral. I am good at a lot of things, and I understand the theory. However, unless 1 group has the resources and money to make it “viral”, then you have either luck, money, a huge network, or it spreads across social media over a period of time.


I noticed his followers go up then back down, guess this is reason?


You would need to be a genius to make this go viral!

So i guess this is the wright place :sunglasses:

Is it me or has his followers gone back since this has been happening!


His followers are right about the same as when this thread started, they went up then right back down. Probably someone with a lot of accounts followed then unfollowed dunno.


Guess mpsocial members followed and some followers unfollowed cause they see his posts now.


I wonder what his life looks throughout the day


Its a little messed-up if we`re f**king with this guy!

It should of been a made up account not a real person, especially someone who looks like they don`t need hope taken away (IMO).


What about simple fan accounts?
Take the latest post every day and repost.
Find and replace the banned words to avoid limiting reach, add hashtags.
Write a new bio that is more catchy and tag the original account in the bio.
Using F/U and targeting suitable genres should grow the fan account and link right back to our man.

Sensible strategy?

My thinking is that the material is there, but not the posting strategy, interaction and catchy bio.


Giovanni made a big change… First pics without just him and coffee. What miracles will this man be up to?


Giovanni LEARNS - first time I see him actually reacting on a comment. WOOOOW!


We could be approaching this all wrong. It is our first reaction to use automation to help Gio, but at the moment he is self defeating. It could be just as effective to encourage him to use IG more positively and help himself.


The raunchy bastard needs a little one on one help if he would accept it :slight_smile:


Think you are right. Are you gonna teach him?


I will fly up to NYC and give it a go lol… Have commented for him to post less that would be a start :slight_smile:


Oooh cool you fly there and really take it serious. That’s dedication and passion man :fist_right: :facepunch: :fist_left:

Some other IG accounts also adviced him to post less. He does not react on that. We need a 3D effect that “slaps” Giovanni in the face, so we know he is listening.:grinning:

Maybe other approach is to not push him at all. Maybe just some nice words of honest admiration and so on. Non of us has found an approach to crack him. So we kinda need to keep on trying…


Thanks to you guys, “he is growing” :smiley: (at least a bit):

What the heck!!
This guy is getting support likely from the best MP-Instagram marketers (something what is PRICELESS!!) and he doesnt even know :blush:


Hahaha… so true…
Who of you guys is nature_ig_photos?! :grin:


It’s not me…
“raunchy bastard” still doesn’t listen or even try. He is very unique in a way and hardly responds to any serious comment.