Switching from software to automated mobile phones

Has anyone looked into this? You could setup your own 4g network (not proxies, but with sim card), then purchase phones and run an app automation software.

For those who do work through mobile phones. Have you noticed a difference versus using software? Are your limits higher?


Limits are the same for everyone. Mobile apps have very poor functionalities, so I don’t believe this kind of software switch would satisfy the clients.


I agree. And you can’t do filtering or intelligently unfollow. Be careful.

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I agree with @Kacper_Kiedrowski it would be downgrading in a type of way. the bans arent because of the device, more of the smoothness of the automation.

As said before limits are the same, so i don’t think that there is any point of doing it.

I disagree. There is definitely a problem with automation. If I wanted to, I could get up to 800 follows a day manually. You won’t get anywhere near that with a program. I get it’s not as intelligent as a program and more time consuming, but it’s working a lot better at the moment.


If you are able to automate the phone without leaving a trace you will be much better.
You will be able to run 5 accounts per phone, and if you use 4G no proxies are needed.
It’s a matter of ROI, how much each phone + Data plan will cost you.

I’m planning to go into the same road, with our Robot.


As others have said, this would actually be great.

Me and others have problems even following any accounts through bot software but no problems doing it manually so there is great potential. It would probably be the most powerful accounts.

If you are talking about replacing it with crappy bots on your phone, then that won’t work. Either you are able to do it manually, or find/write your own software that doesn’t leave any footprints and behaves like a normal user.

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people who we work with do 200 follows manually, they do 100 follows in 4-ish minutes manually without any issues on accounts that struggle to get one single follow through J, definitely not the “fastest and cheapest” fix, but as long as its temporary solution…


I don’t think this would be much better, here’s why:

SMM panels are using Automated Mobile Phones in India, you can search for their Phone Farms on Google.

As you may know, SMM panels are not working pretty well lately, so many went down trying to avoid IG blocks.

The BIG thing now, is automating as a human, not as a robot. Avoid liking at the same time JV is liking and stuff like that.

Let me correct you here, once you automate anything will be as you call “robot”.
Even the word is self-explanatory.
On the other hand, doesn’t exist a “robot” in software development, all what we do is “programmed”.
(Won’t get here into AI, ML, etc as it’s not for this forum)
You can design a piece of software that “emulates” general human behavior, I said general because who can define what an human does, it’s a big group to think that we know what a person does, in this case with IG.

| said this in other post, 100% of what any user does in a piece of software can be automated, you are only changing the Human Interface Devices (HID), a piece of software doesn’t care if you press a key or the character is sent via other method.

Now…is it possible to detect automations working on third party software?, of course!, but normal apps do not care at all, IG, FB and all social media apps are working to detect it.

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Yes, you’re right.

I think that my answer is pretty self explanatory if you’ve been reading threads lately, at the beginning everyone was letting JV do everything on their own, now everyone needs to add intervals and stuff like that to make it more human looking.

But yes, still a robot.

This is the biggest problem, no settings will ever be like a real human, and IG knows it perfectly.
You can pretend you are a very active human, but, even doing that you will create a pattern so easy to detect.

PS: No, it’s not a Robot. it’s a piece of software :slight_smile: A robot is a machine programmed to perform certain actions.

I think you got the point. Cheers.

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If you have more than 20 accounts I feel this is going to be so difficult. More than our current challenges.

limit arent the same… not even close
you can get up to 600+ follow over the phone… and with automation if can get to 100 max this days
even less most of the time


i disagree … i moved all my accounts to actual phones. it works better than fighting ig 24/7
its pretty usless in my opinion

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its not temporary … i dont think that bots/aitomation could last much longerunfortuntly

It all still works with the correct settings etc. There are lots of private bots out there as well which work just fine, however they are quite expensive.


i just checked … in that price i can get a dediacted agent who will do more actions and wont risk my accounts. cause a lot of my accounts got letters from IG saying they will disable their account if they keep on using like and follow software … and since i moved to cell phones it stopped

Yeah, you just have to weight up the pros and cons for each I suppose.

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