Tagging thousands of accounts at one time

I seen a post awhile back about accounts tagging 10’s of thousands of accounts at one time and this morning I was tagged in a post by @dreaux11 and they are doing the same. They tagged like over 100k people. How is this possible? Again I know it was discussed but I can’t find the thread. Thanks

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  1. Aged account

dreaux11 ^ created around June 2012.

  1. Bulletproof proxy (?)

5 tags a comment every 10 seconds. Possibly 30 seconds…4 rimes …wait few minutes repeat. Loop hole for tags


one thing I notice is most of the accounts that do it are verified at least the ones that tagged me I know with twitter (Have 4 verified accounts) you can follow up to 20k a day with a verified account the follow limits and like limits are extremely higher compared to normal accounts so I don’t know if instagram have a similar system or not but they may do.

I noticed the tags before the tagging of other accounts as well

You should get comment block for IP after 10~ comments with 10x @tags

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Some accounts do some don’t

So the point is - which do and which don’t

The question was how… not who. Depending on the strength and trust the account and history of actions if they can or cannot do. Possibly that loophole is still there, I don’t want to use my accounts to find out. Take for example last years bug with Instagram. If a account use Beijing China in location they got top section in any tags they used. It lasted for 2-3 days before they fixed it.,I got many followers by that bug.

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Whaaaat? There were really those bugs?

So, the real question now is: When it will come the next one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

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Yes. It’s after all human programming and when humans program bugs will always show up. How you find out is a different matter

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i was tagged by them too wtf

This person tagged me 10 times :rage:

I see many distracted souls in here. The account is verified. Just based on that fact it got hacked or got sold (dormant account). No serious person that does IG badges will tolerate such account usage, they gonna be stripped of their privileges within a week max. So either someone put his ass in the line by giving the badge to a spam account, it got hacked or they bought the account.

So why am I writing this? Can you afford to buy an account with a badge, hack accounts or pay for getting the badge? If not this is not replicate-able for you. Stop getting distracted boys :smiley:


Actually some time ago, i saw an account without a badge doing the same thing. So it must be replicable. Unfortunately I can’t find it right now and didn’t bookmark it.

This account did it https://www.instagram.com/1peprs/ , but he deleted that post few days ago.

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Thats the one, i remember it. The post was of a retro dressed girl singing.

So we talked about this in another thread (sorry I tried to search for it but couldn’t find the original one).

The person essentially is able to mass tag people in the comments without getting banned.
A NEW account just popped up with this method BUT… the account is ALSO verified AND has a “paid partnership” on the post they’re mass spamming with.

Direct link is:

I thought I would point this one out, because somehow they’re also verified, with only 9 posts.

Looking through the comments there’s a Hashtag being used.
When you click the hashtag it looks like they’re doing it with multiple accounts. Another one being:

AND another one here:

They all seem to be feeding back into this main account?


Bulletproof proxy, lol I like that analogy

Don’t forget about the what.what =)