Targeting isn't always straight forward, a success story


I wanted to share a success story and the thought process behind it. Also showing that targeting isn’t always as straight forward as many think.

Laying the groundwork
A personal trainer wanted to grow his IG. The obvious solution would be to create the typical personal trainer content and target it towards a fitness crowd. This would probably work quite fine, even in such a saturated market. But instead of doing that they reverse engineered his content, starting at, what is the value here?

Finding an audience
The value being provided was fitness advice and inspiration. This is interesting for a target audience that is interested in looking good, getting stronger etc. But the fitness crowd is often well educated on their own, so was there anyone else who would need this value even more?

The solution
The solution was Kim K.
Kim K’s audience is interested in looking good but doesn’t know how to do it, and this was the key to everything. So the solution was to create content specifically for this audience. Resulting in some well made videos with titles like “how to get that Kim K booty”. He also made the videos specifically in the style that works so well for IG by adding a title field at the top, a bar that shows progress of the video etc. The videos were made with nothing but a phone but it was customized so incredibly well for IG there was no need for a professional camera crew.

What do you think? Do you have an example of targeting done well?


Thanks for sharing, great strategy!

I would love to hear from anyone who has successfully grown a high end fashion brand’s account. It’s a saturated market and not easy to get good followback rates from quality customers.


Yes, nice story! I have always said that targeting is one of the most important steps when it comes to grow organically. I always take a moment to think about it before I start posting and following.


Nice one mate, i take it he offers his clients online plans, diets etc. As this targetting for a smaller local PT would be difficult.


Very smart move… I think offering solutions for specific problems is always the best way to go!


Content, content, content. IG growth services and M/S strategies only work if the content strategy is decent. Great thinking and it’s always fun working with businesses who put in the effort needed to actually drive results with IG content! Thanks for sharing brotha!!! Will add a couple examples here soon when I get a min!


Yeah I can imagine he targeted Kim K fans in his local country with ads, because his account is not english.


Looking forward to it :heart_eyes:


This is why some internet marketing YouTube channels who target newbies create gaming-related videos- because a lot of people who to want to make money online are the same people who play games on their computer for hours every single day.


Hahahaha sooo true :joy:


custom content for custom audiences. I like :+1:


its so much more fun when a clients content is on point!


Yeah for sure. They even developed a genius content type where the personal trainer is filming in a point of view angle and pointing with his finger on someone doing an exercise to instruct the audience seeing it from his point of view. It’s simple, incredibly easy to create, it works so god damn well and he can do it all on his own whenever he wants. Freakin genius